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Indoor Fountain Guidebook

Since 2006, we have offered one of the largest collections of indoor fountains online - and here at the Soothing Company, we are proud to introduce you to our handcrafted designs, made with care in the USA. Inside this comprehensive guidebook, you will discover the many types of water features available, the benefits of installing a feature in your home, maintenance tips, customization options, and more. 

Table of Contents

Why You Should Choose an Indoor Fountain

Types of Indoor Water Features

  • a. Floor Fountains
  • b. Wall Fountains
  • c. Tabletop Fountains

The Pros & Cons of Owning a Water Feature

Tips to Maintain your Indoor Fountain

  • a. Water Distribution System
  • b. Water Surface
  • c. Decorative Trim
  • d. Pump and Water Tray


What to Know Before Purchasing

Customization Options

Delivery and Installation








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After a busy day, it can often feel impossible to quiet your mind and body and find a moment of peace. An indoor water fountain brings a soothing environment into your home, allowing you to truly relax with its calming sounds of flowing water. If you close your eyes, you may forget you’re sitting in your living room or office. In addition to creating a tranquil environment, our indoor fountains are designed to double as statements of art for your home or business. 

With an assortment of design choices to pick from, our catalog of water wall, tabletop, and floor fountains is guaranteed to have exactly what you are looking for. Our designs are also conversation pieces, so don’t be surprised when you have friends over for dinner and they want to mingle around the fountain instead of out on the patio. 

You don’t have to wait for your annual spa day to enjoy total serenity. You can easily create that same calming environment in your own home with the peaceful sounds and soothing atmosphere our indoor fountains provide.

If you want to create a serene oasis in your office or waiting room, or finally finish the look of your den, an indoor water fountain is perfect for you.



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Not everyone has the same design taste or style preferences and here at the Soothing Company, we are proud to provide you with plenty of options.

We offer three different types of indoor water fountains – floor fountains, wall fountains, and tabletop fountains. Across all three of these offerings, we have designs that will suit any color palette or decor theme. Some of our design choices also have customizable options. 

Unsure which fountain suits your needs best? Below we’ve outlined the main advantages and differences to each of our water feature options. Looking for some ideas? Check out this blog post for our Top 20 Indoor Fountains. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a specific style or design in mind, our customer service team is happy to assist and can help you find what you’re looking for. 

Floor Fountains​:

Harmony River Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted

Our floor fountain designs come in a wide range of materials, including marble and slate. They also range from four feet tall to ten feet tall. Whatever size you choose, your fountain selection is sure to make an impact in any home, office, church, or business.

Within the floor fountain options, you can choose from a center-mounted panel or a rear-mounted panel. Our center-mounted panel allows for viewers to see the water flowing from all angles while the rear-mounted panel is flush with the wall. Each panel mount is designed to match the materials of your fountain to ensure a polished and sleek look.

Create the perfect atmosphere for your office waiting room with a floor fountain from our selection of slate floor fountains, mirror floor fountains, and glass floor fountains

Many of our floor fountain designs include a light system. The LED light option on most of our fountains can be controlled by an easy-to-use remote that allows you to choose a solid color or select from one of 15 pre-programmed LED light combinations to create your own flair. The light shining on the flowing water creates a beautiful display that will cause your house guests or customers to do a double-take.

Wall Fountains:

Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain

Most homes and offices are decorated with photographs or paintings, but not every home or office has something as magnificent as a wall fountain – and if you thought we had options with our floor fountains, wait until you view our wall fountain offerings!

Our designs vary from simple to bright and colorful and range in style from koi ponds and city scenes to autumn twilight and brilliant sunrises.

In addition to our standard-design wall fountains, we also offer a unique collection of    art wall fountain designs. These art wall fountains push the boundaries by combining two different artistic elements into one, leaving you with a unique, beautiful and bold abstract water feature for your home or office.

Give people something to really talk about by adding one to your space. No matter your artistic taste we’re sure you will find something to fit your style. Each art wall fountain is made-to-order by the artist so allow at least 4-6 weeks when making your choice. 

Tabletop Fountains:
Large Sierra MoonShadow Tabletop Water Fountain

Though tabletop fountains are much smaller than floor and wall fountains, the impact created by this fountain design still makes a statement. 

Because of their smaller size, our tabletop fountains can fit almost anywhere – nestled on a bedroom dresser, on the bathroom counter, resting on a mantel, or sitting atop an art pedestal. No matter where you place your fountain, you will savor its peaceful existence and enjoy the soothing effect it has on you. 

Now that you know which fountain style is right for you, it’s important to learn how to clean and maintain your fountain.


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Installing an indoor water feature in your home will completely change the ambiance of your space. An indoor fountain is enjoyable to listen to, serves as beautiful artwork, acts as a natural humidifier, cleanses the air, and will undoubtedly delight your family and friends. 

Our fountains create a continuous, mesmerizing stream of water, designed to reduce stress and create a calm atmosphere. Indoor fountains can also work as white noise. Many customers find that their fountains eliminate sounds from barking dogs, traffic, and noisy neighbors. If you decide you need total quiet at any time, our fountains offer pull chains or switches to turn off the flow of water. When you’re ready to enjoy the fountain and its sounds again, you can easily turn it back on with the pull chain or flip of a switch.

Our customers often choose one of our indoor water features to create a focal point in their business or to complete the design of a certain room. With the wide array of styles and designs available, our fountains can be added to any space to create a beautiful, elegant look. Our fountains can be completely customized, from frame finishes to trim styles, to seamlessly match the theme of your space.

If you live in a dry climate, an indoor water fountain can help create moisture in your home. If you live in a humid climate, you may simply want to add a dehumidifier to decrease moisture in the air and help you maintain optimal comfort. 

Though our superior water distribution system prevents clogging and spraying, it is natural for some water to evaporate in the air. This can be very welcome if you live in an arid climate. Not only does an indoor water feature add some moisture to the air in your home, but an indoor fountain also cleanses and purifies the air throughout your house. 

Our indoor fountains enchant house guests, small children, and pets alike. It’s hard to tell what an inquisitive kid or curious cat will do, so to be safe, install your fountain where a child or animal cannot access it. Though there is an extensive list of benefits for adding an indoor fountain to your space, ensuring that young children and pets don’t interact with the fountain unsupervised is very important.

Additionally, some may wonder if an indoor fountain is going to splash or leak water onto the floor. Our fountains include a splash guard tray, a water-tight tray liner, and a first-rate water distribution system to prevent water from getting on the floors or walls. Our water-tight tray liner is double-tested and won’t cause leaks or deterioration over time. The water distribution system also allows the water to flow smoothly throughout the system, preventing clogging and spraying.

Because of the professionalism and care that goes into creating and designing our fountains, we are proud to offer an excellent product that creates a calm and comfortable haven in your home or office.


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Many indoor water fountains need to be cleaned three to four times per year, or around once per quarter. Of course, the type of water you use in your fountain and the location of the fountain should be considered to determine if you should clean the fountain more often than the standard quarterly cleaning. We recommend using distilled water in your indoor fountain to minimize maintenance, as distilled water has less mineral deposits and doesn’t cause the pump and fountain to work as hard.

There are four basic areas to clean: the water distribution system, the water surface (the material the water flows down, like marble or slate), the decorative trim, and inside the pump and water tray. To get started, be sure to have your fountain cleaner on hand.

Water Distribution System: To clean the water distribution system, you’ll want to use an abrasive material like a Scotch-Brite pad. This will ensure you rid the fountain of calcium deposits and hard-water stains.
Water Surface: Once you’re finished cleaning the distribution unit, it’s time to wipe down the water surface. Be sure it’s wet, then grab the Scotch-Brite pad again. If your fountain has a glass or mirror water surface, don’t use a Scotch-Brite pad - use an ammonia-based cleaner instead.
Decorative Trim: To wipe down the decorative trim (the top and bottom of your fountain) you will want to use an ammonia-based cleaner to avoid stripping the decorative color from the metal. If your decorative trim is made of stainless steel, we recommend picking up an oil-free stainless-steel cleaner.
Pump and Water Tray: The pump and water tray should be cleaned as needed, possibly more than three to four times per year. To remove the water from the tray, use a wet-dry shop vac or, if your fountain is small, grab a cup and siphon it from the tray. 

When you’re finished, be sure to re-assemble the unit with the correct parts to ensure proper flow. Don’t forget to turn your fountain back on.



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You wouldn’t buy a car without inquiring about its mileage or taking it for a test drive, so we don’t expect you to hop on our website and hastily click “Add to Cart” without first reading some helpful information about our indoor fountain options and their charming, special features.

Once you have chosen between a floor fountain, wall fountain, or tabletop fountain, it’s time to decide where you will put it. Of course, a tabletop fountain will be placed on a flat surface, like a desk, dresser, or kitchen countertop, but the floor fountains and wall fountains require a little planning.

If you know exactly which fountain you want, you will need to make sure your home or office can accommodate its size and shape. If you know where you want to install the fountain but are unsure which design suits your style, take measurements of the space where the fountain will be and then keep notes about the size of the space while you browse our website. All of our indoor fountain descriptions include the exact dimensions for each design, so all you have to do is find a fountain that fits the space and matches your decor style. Should you find a fountain you love that won’t fit the only space you have available, we can customize the size so the piece will fit in your home.

Carefully consider the space: Is there a nearby outlet to plug the fountain in? Will it be easy to clean and maintain the fountain in this area? Will children or pets frequent the area where the fountain is located?

Should you have small children or curious pets in your home, we encourage you to consider a wall fountain, that way the kids can watch in wonder and the cat can stare, mesmerized, from afar.

Before you click purchase and schedule an installation, take note of a couple of suggestions to help extend the life of your fountain:

  1. Continually run the fountain: The pump does not need to be turned off each night or during vacation. Shutting the unit on and off will stagnate the water and cause the pump to work harder to circulate the water. Over time, routinely switching the pump on and off will damage the part. Should you go on vacation, just ask your house-sitter to check and maintain the water levels the same way she would bring in the mail or water the plants.
  2. Maintain the water levels: Because moving water evaporates more quickly than still water, make a habit to check the levels each day to ensure the water doesn’t fall below the pump line.

One easy way to guarantee the water in your fountain won’t fall below the pump line is to select our computerized auto-refill and drain option. This feature is very helpful for those of you who travel often. Give us a call for more details on this feature option.

Now that you know the size of the space where the fountain will exist and how to keep the parts working efficiently, it’s time to design your fountain.



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Summit Falls Wall Fountain with LogoOf course, you can choose from one of our pre-designed fountains on our website, or you can create your own customized fountain by selecting the materials and size or by adding a logo or LED lighting.

We have a variety of frame and surface material options. Our frame material choices are stainless steel or copper, and our surface materials choices include glass, slate, or mirror. If you are looking for a different frame or surface material, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Should you have limited space where the fountain will fit, we can resize the fountain you love to suit the height and width of the area where the fountain will be located.

If you are interested in bringing an indoor fountain into an office, university, spa, or performance theater lobby, you may want to add a logo to the surface of the fountain. A logo water fountain creates a cohesive, branded look and lets clients and guests know your company or organization is polished and professional. Additionally, you can add LED lights to enhance the engraving. Our colored LED light system includes twelve color choices and four color-changing settings. An included remote control will allow you to set the fountain to display one color or rotate between a variety of colors. The colored LED light system is great for offices or universities that regularly incorporate one or two colors into their branding.

Creating a custom fountain is easy with our custom fountain quote form on our website. When you are submitting your order, we encourage you to be as descriptive and thorough as possible. Our custom fountain form covers everything from frame and surface materials, to sizing and light systems so that your unit looks just as you envisioned. Our custom page also includes a gallery of photos of the custom fountains we have designed. So, if you need inspiration for your own custom piece, browse the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Once we receive your request, one of our customer representatives will reach out to you to discuss your budget and the timeline for creating the fountain. Then, we will send you a proposal, including a quote, for your exact needs. At this time, we may discuss delivery and installation options. 



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Most of our water features can be extremely heavy, so we arrange transportation and delivery through a freight company. Many freight companies use a liftgate service or will drop the unit off via curbside delivery. For large units, we will use an LTL (less-than-truckload) freight company.

You will receive a confirmation when your piece has shipped. The freight company will also reach out to you to set up an appointment for delivery. We recommend inviting a few friends over or a local handyman to help move the unit into place. Most local handymen can complete a fountain installation, so check your local listings and confirm with the handyman that they have fountain installation experience. Keep in mind that some units are too heavy for one person to move, so if you are ordering a larger piece, be sure to enlist a couple of friends or handymen to lend a hand.

Prior to turning the fountain on and using it, you will need to be sure the unit is fully assembled and correctly installed. Before getting started, thoroughly read the assembly handbook so you don’t get stuck halfway through the installation process. Though most fountains are easy and intuitive to assemble, some units may require special installation.

To hang a wall fountain, be sure to have a hammer, screwdrivers, and anchors on hand, as well as a level and a pencil to ensure the unit hangs evenly.

The video below is a short tutorial on the installation for the Harmony River and the Tranquil River fountains.

Now that you know the pros and cons of owning a water feature, the many types of fountains available, how to maintain your fountain, options for customization, and have had a look at the delivery and installation process, it’s time to shop!

You can purchase your fountain through our website or via our hotline by calling 1-888-839-3597. We are excited to let you know that all of our fountains ship free (within the continental US), plus there is no sales tax included. Additionally, if you subscribe to our e-newsletter through our website, you will save 11% on your purchase.

You don’t always have a choice about the chaos of rush-hour traffic or the noisy meetings that occur right outside your office, but you do have a choice to create an oasis in your home away from the hustle and bustle of life. When you have had a long day, there’s nothing like easing into your comfy chair and drifting off to the soothing sounds of your indoor water fountain. If you want to enjoy the peaceful lull of the fountain in your garden on your patio, remember that we offer a huge variety of outdoor water features as well.

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