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Angel Outdoor Fountains

There are few things that can provide beauty and elegance to an outdoor space quite like an angel outdoor fountain. It provides luxury to your ambiance unlike any other fixture and instantly makes you feel like your outdoor space has been transported into a luxury garden. View all of our beautiful angel water features below.


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Angels are something that we as a society have been interested in for eons. Angels are a part of folklore that is as old as most civilizations, bringing about a fascination and awe that only angels can provide. This is why angel outdoor fountains are such a great option. Combining those two wondrous elements into one can create the perfect fixture that draws attention to any space. It makes for an ideal conversation piece and will have friends and family alike flocking to your outdoor space just to see your outdoor fountain.

Cherub Fountains

As a childlike angel, a cherub provides a wonderful sense of innocence and beauty into one extravagant package. Cherub fountains such as the Antique Cherubs Outdoor Water Fountain have been a part of society going all the way back to the Roman Empire and is a favorite of the Vatican itself.

Angel fountains don’t just have to stand alone; they can be fused to an exterior wall to present the perfect complimentary piece that does not dominate a space but provides that same level of conversation.

Best of all, cherub fountains are a smaller version of angel outdoor fountains that make them a favorite for those looking for a smaller alternative to the traditionally large outdoor fountains that are more common in the marketplace.

Courtship Angel Fountains

One of the things that angels are most known for is being a universal symbol of love. And that is why having a courtship angel fountain like the Courtship Garden Fountain can be such a wonderful piece. It presents angels in a way where they are uplifting one another, providing an emotional ambiance to any setting.

Best of all is that these types of fountains have completely unique designs that would stand out even lined up next to others of their kind. These are a bit more artistic than their counterparts and will have even the most dedicated enthusiast talking about this outdoor fountain for hours on end.

Why Order An Angel Outdoor Fountain?

Simply put it combines the best of both worlds when it comes to angels and fountains. You get the beautiful ambiance of romance and love with the angels, and all the old world artistry that comes with an outdoor fountain.

And that’s not even taking the best part into account: the fact that fountains provide a soothing, relaxing atmosphere unlike any other fixture. The sound of the water cascading down into the basin is enough to relax even the tensest of individuals, providing a soothing setting that can become an escape.

Splash Resistance

Each fountain also comes with a built-in splash resistance to it. This means that you can rest comfortably knowing that no accidents due to slipping will be had around your beautiful fountain even if you have children that like to run around all day.

You can also sit on the edge of the basin in comfort, enjoying the soothing sounds that the fountain provides, without having to worry about being frequently splashed by the cascading water. This allows you to get up close and personal with the falling water without having to worry about wearing it.

Huge Selection

If that wasn’t enough, there are a plethora of stylistic choices that you can make as well. Choosing from a huge array of colors and textures gives you the ability to create the perfect outdoor fixture for any space or setting without having to compromise the current aesthetic of a small fountain.