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Solar Outdoor Fountains

Solar outdoor fountains are a modern miracle with the potential to power your fountain. Fountains have been backyard water features for ages. This is the mix of a revolutionary fusion of technology with an age-old garden favorite. In ancient times it was amazing feet to a have a running fountain on a property, but it was more than possible in many cultures. Solar technology is taking gardens to new heights. Soothing Company is always looking to push the boundaries in the outdoor fountain industry. This extensive catalog from our company will impress even the pickiest of customers.


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Waterfalls fountains bring a natural experience to your outdoor space. The waterfall setting is one of the most desired by urban dwellers. This beautiful setting nature is usually too expensive for most, a solar outdoor fountain is accessible and is energy efficient. Waterfalls are considered in mystic in many cultures. There courted for meditation and relaxation in the far east. Enthusiast still has the choice of styles and designs to fit their personality.

Splash Resistant 

The added solar feature on our solar outdoor fountains is perfectly safe, a thorough inspection is done prior and post-installation. This ensures the public receive only the most reliable of solar fountains on the market. The value received from a durable and energy efficient fountain allows for saving instead of expenses. One can sit by their fountain and enjoy the fountain for all its worth. All or fountains are splash resistant, its important the owner keep their eye on the water level. Due to natural evaporation, its important keep water level consistent, this is the only maintenance to worry about.

The garden fountains are designed to prevent injury and ensure the area stay dry. There's no need for safe zones or splash zones as the fountain easily retains water. The water flow of the fountains makes soothing sounds while flowing smoothly. Soothing Company is the most reliable water feature distributor on the market. Count on us to offer only the safest fountains in the industry.

Durable Design 

Solar outdoor fountains are the most energy efficient and at the same time one of the most durable. Our company boasts its ability to only produced the best fountains available. The materials have a lot to do with the durability of the fountains. Our company uses more expensive and strong materials compared to the rest. On most unit’s stone and metal pieces are available, and solar outdoor fountains come with many options. Chasing only the highest standards has made Soothing Company the premier company online.

More Selection 

There are too many water fountains to choose from in order to consider one design general preference. It important that you have enough selection to fit the style of the outdoor garden to your decor. Our many selections and below will share some different designs.

Kyoto Solar Fountain 

The Kyoto fountain is a popular outdoor piece that can be had in different styles. This version in an inspiring piece with a solar panel attachment. The solar units are usually placed beside the fountain. The Kyoto fountain represents the imperial city of Japan, which is one of the most revered in Japan.

Bubble Outdoor Fountain 

The bubble solar outdoor fountain is a modern piece with a fantastic artistic view. This fountain has a small sphere on top of its basin. This allows for smooth flowing water to enter the basin without creating any splash. The designs lead to bubbles in the fountain itself. This is a great piece for both indoor and outdoor. The outdoor version, of course, has the solar panel.

Frost Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain 

The frost outdoor fountain design has a classic appeal. The solar panel is placed beside the fountain. This unit’s spiral design mixed with antiquity feel. The solar outdoor fountain market has increased to match up with almost every fountain we offer. It important to achieve the desired look while still conserving energy.

Lighted Designs 

A consistent drawback of fountains not being able to enjoy them at night time. This is easily solved with a LED lighting design. These lights have become popular in multipurpose in recent years. LED lights have durability, the lights will not only illuminate your fountain but keep running for years to come.

Soothing Company 

When it comes to elegant cost-effective fountains The Soothing Company is one of the few to offer that choice. We have a well-trained staff of professionals who can help with the search process. Our extensive catalog has the solar outdoor fountains that suit your needs. If you’re looking to take your outdoor decor to the next level just contact us to begin the process.