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Indoor Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop fountains are a modern décor favorite. These indoor fountains come in various styles to fit your needs and simulate the soothing sounds of nature in your living space. The tabletop fountain is popular in both the office and home. Unlike large floor fountains, tabletop fountains are smaller than other types of water features but that does not inhibit selection. It’s important to apply a personal touch to your fountain by choosing a finish to fit your home and there are so many designs and styles to select from. You are guaranteed to find the ultimate tabletop fountain when you shop the endless selection found with the Soothing Company. 


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All About Indoor Tabletop Fountains

The flow of water on the top of your table provides relief from the office space and the enchanting sounds of water soothe the mind. Guest will be impressed by the beauty of your indoor tabletop fountain. The convenience size makes these units ultra-portable. You can personalize your home or the workplace with these unique functioning art pieces. Our indoor tabletops fountains are ready to go and require no installation.

Splash Resistant

All of our tabletop fountains come with a splash resistant design. These pieces come with much smaller basin, so require less water. Tabletops units take into consideration their use in office spaces. Transform your living space with an indoor fountain from the Soothing Company.

Our company always focus on safety and these units are the safest. It’s better to inspect the area for wet spots not to damage paperwork in office settings. The units are safes and low maintenance. A big hit with inspiring indoor tabletop fountain enthusiast. 

Durable Design

Soothing Company indoor tabletop fountains are made from the best quality materials on the markets. It’s important that our entire selection is designed to stand the test of time. These pieces can be carried with no problem and without the worry of damage. Each water fountain is put under quality control before being accessible to the public.

More Selection

You can choose from a wide variety of tabletop fountains. The design and styles range from custom pieces to smaller versions of wall fountains. There are fountain options to match all decors. With easy fountain maintenance, tabletop fountains are the perfect option for anyone.


These fountains can be enjoyed no matter where you go. This portable mini fountain takes little to no space on the counter at home or the table at work. It’s common to see the mini version of larger design and styles. The smaller size allows for convenience and low cost of operation. These fountains are energy efficient compared to their larger counterparts.

Zen Tabletops 

Zen pieces are quickly becoming popular due to the easy fusion of fountain and tranquility. The Zen tabletop pieces have been known to come in radical designs with more flare than original pieces. These units have a gong like setup, where water flows over and lands over the stones in the basin. This flow creates the sought after soothing sounds of a water feature.

Moonlight Tabletops 

Moonlight tabletops show a wonderful display of light from the source of water flow and are a great feature for a smaller setting, such as an apartment or office. The low light setting won’t get in the way of movie night while sitting on the counter top, or take away from an important office meeting. These fountains also come with a plate design that allows for shadows to form and dance on your wall.

Channel Tabletops

The channel design is a smooth and elegant piece where water flows into a channel. These designs make you wonder if they're ancient in their influence. You can see the easy practical designs that move water in a way that is hypnotizing to your guests. These tranquil fountains are memorizing, and the sounds are smoother than many others.

Water Panel Design

This futuristic design is modern era favorite that still in high demand. These pieces have little maintenance as the water in the basin flows non-stop allowing you to see the bubbles flow in the glass casing.

Soothing Company 

Indoor tabletops are one of the top-selling fountains on the market today. The Soothing Company is staffed with professionals ready to assist you in the process of searching for your indoor tabletop fountain. Contact us to get your search started and a select a piece from our catalog.