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Logo Water Fountains

Signage with Style: Logo Water Fountains

Need to standout from the rest of your competition? Need to update your waiting room? Adding a logo to your water fountain is an easy way to make your water feature serve another purpose, displaying your company name or logo.

How do I get started with adding my logo to my water fountain?

Soothing Walls makes adding your logo to a fountain a very easy process. All we need is the following:

1. Pick out the fountain you want your company name or logo applied to.

2. Email us a digital image of your company name or logo. Very important: In order to resize the file to fit the water fountain we need your logo to be in a vector format (should have the extension .eps). If you do not have your logo in a vector format, please just send us the highest resolution file you have and we can usually make it work. Send your company logo to: That Simple! If we have any questions we will contact you, but include any instructions when sending your logo to us.

Can I see what my logo looks like on my fountain before purchasing?

Of course, either fill out the form below or email the fountain name (and style) along with your logo to Someone will send you a proof, usually be end of business day.

How is the logo applied to my water fountain?

We have a couple methods of applying logos to water fountains; it really depends on the surface of the fountain. Here are two of the most common methods:

• Glass Surfaces – Vinyl is usually the best method to applying logos to glass surfaces. The company logo is cut out of the vinyl material and then applied to your water fountain. If it is clear glass we apply the logo on the side that doesn't have water running over, it is a reverse logo so that way the water appears to run over the logo while the logo stays dry on the opposite side. Another way to apply your logo to glass is by etching the logo onto the glass which gives the logo a frosted look. 

• Slate or Stone Surfaces - Stone or slate fountains are engraved with your logo and then filled with a color(s) of your choice. We use the Pantone color chart for you to select your colors. Sometimes colors clash with the color of your slate that is why we usually recommend black when choosing colors. If you have any questions please contact a customer service representative.

How long is the process to add a logo?

Applying a logo to your water fountain typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity. If you have a deadline, please give us a call so we can make sure we schedule your order accordingly.