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Concrete Birdbaths

Bird Baths

Bird watching is an awesome way to spend time enjoying nature from the comfort of your home and bird baths are the perfect way to enjoy some beautiful wildlife. Instead of journeying out into the wilderness, you take a much different approach and bring the beauty of the wild into your yard and view it from your outdoor bench or patio furniture. Adding a birdbath to your yard or garden is the perfect way to start enjoying your outdoor living space more. These features keep you relaxed, intrigued and entertained. You children will never bore of wondering who the next feathered visitor may be! Since it is proven that moving water attracts more frequent visitors, consider adding and an outdoor water feature to help attract even more feathered friends! No matter what style of decor, The Soothing Company has a birdbath to fit your needs. Contact us today to get the perfect water feature for your home


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Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath - Soothing Company
Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath - Soothing Company
Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath - Soothing Company

Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath

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Do I need to winterize my birdbath?

As birdbaths are made of cast stone concrete, you will want to winterize them in order to protect the concrete from cracking or crumbing. If you cannot simply move the birdbath indoors, this would include removing all water/moisture and covering the feature.  

Will my birdbath be one piece?  

Most birdbaths will come in one solid piece, however some of the larger birdbaths come with the pedestal and bowl separated. For clarification on the specific model you are looking at, please contact us. 

What style attracts the most birds? 

Depending on the style of bird you are attempting to attract, you may find that a birdbath that sits closer to the ground is more effective. This is because this style is a more natural fit for some species. However, all birdbaths we sell are meant for birds to enjoy. 

Where is the best place to put my birdbath? 

In the hot summer months, it’s important to remember to keep our birdbath in an area with some shade coverage. An overhanging branch can provide the perfect shadow and cover if needed. When it is hot outside, birds will find a suitable place to take a dip to cool off. This is why you always want to make sure your birdbath is at least partially covered by some shade.