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Bird watching is an awesome way to spend time enjoying nature from the comfort of your home and birdbaths are the perfect way to enjoy some beautiful wildlife. Instead of journeying out into the wilderness, you take a much different approach and bring the beauty of the wild into your yard, all with the added effects of a beautiful outdoor fountain. No matter what style of décor, The Soothing Company has an exclusive birdbath to fit your needs. Contact us today to get the perfect small water fountain for your home.


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All About Birdbaths

Adding a birdbath or birdbath fountain to your yard or garden is the perfect way to start enjoying your outdoor living space more. You don't have to be into bird watching to appreciate every time an enchanting blue jay lands and takes a quick bath. Everyone one in your family will relish these moments when nature shows its true beauty. These features keep you relaxed, intrigued and entertained. You children will never bore of wondering who the next feathered visitor may be.

Getting Your Feathered Friends to Hang Out

Getting birds into your birdbath is easy. You just need to follow a few important steps to create a birdbath that makes all the avian want to make a stop. The first thing you will need is a bird feeder. Bird feeders are easy to install and they give your feathered friends a reason to spend the entire day in your yard. Install your bird feeder near shrubbery or a tree to keep the birds comfortable.

In many instances, birds will relocate to be close to your feeder and birdbath. When this happens, you get to enjoy your favorite birds on a daily basis as they traverse between eating and washing up.

Keep It Low

Depending on the style of bird you are attempting to attract you may find that a birdbath that sits closer to the ground is more effective. This is because this style is a more natural fit for some species.

Shallow Water

You will want to make sure your birdbath isn't too deep for the type of bird you are trying to lure. Remember, most birds don't bathe in deep water. A well-designed birdbath will provide your feathered friends with a depth that allows them to stand and splash water on their wings without becoming uncomfortable.

Shading & Coverage

In the hot summer months, it’s important to remember to keep our birdbath in an area with some shade coverage. An overhanging branch can provide the perfect shadow and cover if needed. When it is hot outside, birds will find a suitable place to take a dip to cool off. This is why you always want to make sure your birdbath is at least partially covered by some shade.

Another important factor to consider is tree coverage. While you don't want to block your view of your birdbath, it is important that you leave your visitors with some close coverage to run to if they feel threatened. This ensures that if anything spooks them, they won’t leave the general area. Instead, they will go seek coverage in the nearby tree before returning to finish cleaning up.

Keep it Clean

Another important factor in keeping your birdbath full of beautiful visitors is cleanliness. Just like humans, birds don't like to wash up in dirty water. If your birdbath is dirty or the water is murky, you are going to notice a drop in attendance from the birds in your area. Avoid this situation by performing regular cast stone concrete maintenance to ensure the water stays sparkling clear.

Use in Winter

Unlike water fountains that are designed to be placed inside during the winter months to avoid line freezing, birdbaths can be fitted with a water heater to keep your feathered friends happy all year around. This is an awesome way to get some seasonal birds into your yard. It is important to use a GFI outlet to reduce the risk of electrical malfunction which could result in a dangerous situation for your birds.

Water in Motion

Birds are more attracted to water in motion. A water fountain birdbath will get more visitors than a still water alternative. This is why many bird watchers go with a multi-tiered design that offers the most sound and shimmering effects when viewing from above. Remember, your visitors will need to spot your fountain from very high up. Moving water creates an unmistakable shimmer that attracts birds naturally.

A Brief Birdbath History

The first commercially sold birdbath was distributed by European-based Pulham & Sons Company in 1840. The company was well known for garden accessories such as fountains, ornaments, and yard furniture. Before this time, homeowners had to make their own birdbaths from scratch.

A lot has changed since the early days of construction and now there are lots of manufacturers that distribute these beautiful features. There have been huge developments in styling, finishes, and functionality.

Soothing Birdbaths

The Soothing Company can provide you with the perfect birdbath or garden fountain for your home. We have years of experience guiding homeowners to the right product to fit their decor needs. Now you can start enjoying nature more with a birdbath from our extensive selection.