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Outdoor Wall Fountains

Spending time outdoors is something that many of us enjoy doing. This is why making our outdoor spaces as comfortable as possible is so important. If you have an uncomfortable patio or yard, you will find any reason you can to stay away. That is why having an outdoor wall fountain can be a fantastic addition to anybody's remodel plan. There are so many reasons to add a water wall to your landscape, but knowing more about it and what it can offer is something you should know before making that decision. 


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What is a wall fountain?

It’s all in the name: it is a water fountain that attaches or sits up against an exterior wall of your property. It is meant to be a complimentary piece that provides ambiance instead of dominating the area aesthetically.

You have probably seen a wall fountain in any formal garden or perhaps in a botanical garden area. Larger fixtures will likely be built into the wall itself or set up against the wall while a smaller fixture will be actually mounted to the wall.

Water gets circulated through a pump that is built in and will go through tubing from the basin or the pond below and then back up to the top of the surface. From there, it trickles down to the bottom and continues to circulate from bottom to top over and over again.

Why a wall fountain?

When we think of comfort in an outdoor space, we immediately think of the seating. And while it is important to have proper seating, having proper ambiance can make the scene even more comfortable than you might have imagined.

Having the sound of falling water in the area can cause a number of different responses. That quiet sound provides a soothing ambiance, one that can relax anyone during any time of the day.

As a matter of fact, you will find yourself heading to your outdoor space all the time just to hear the trickling of the water. It is that relaxing, that soothing, and that enjoyable. You will wonder why you didn’t implement an outdoor water feature sooner.

Ease of use

One of the biggest upsides of having an outdoor wall fountain is that it is easy to install and even easier to maintain. The installation process can be done by a professional relatively quickly, but it is easy enough that you can implement a bit of DIY attitude into the mix.

Once your new water feature has been successfully installed, you have to do very little to properly maintain it. While you can’t ignore it entirely, you shouldn’t have to do much more than that. Just worry about how much you plan to enjoy that soothing ambiance.

When you prepare fountains for winter with colder temperatures, first, you should disconnect any hoses before the weather dips. Freezing weather could make the hose brittle and leave it susceptible to cracking. We also have fountain covers available to aid with protection for your beautiful water wall from the elements.

Creating the ultimate outdoor space

Even in the hottest days of summer, a seat near your outdoor wall fountain can leave you feeling cool and comfortable. Enjoy the light mist of the falling water or the cool air that emanates from that water. It provides a relaxing, comfortable space for you, your friends, your family, and any guests that want to stop by to spend time near your beautiful new outdoor water wall.

An outdoor wall fountain also makes an excellent accessory to existing garden setting. The wonderful colors of your flowers and plants will complement the color and texture that is provided by the outdoor fountain. A garden fountain provides a classic aesthetic that can really elevate the space and give it an air of luxury to any garden.

Add an outdoor fountain to your garden or outdoor space and you will create the ultimate stress free, outdoor setting. Enjoy the relaxing setting with your friends and family will become a summertime tradition that carries on for a long, long time.