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Large Outdoor Fountains

You might not have ever considered it before, but having a large outdoor fountain can really make the difference when turning your outdoor space from simply existing to becoming a prime hangout destination. And during the summer months, having a comfortable outdoor space to hang out in can really turn your yard into a fun place. All of our large outdoor water features are perfect for adding the extra spark your space needs.


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The thing about an outdoor water feature is that it can go just about anywhere you want it to depending on the size that you choose. Maybe you are looking for an outdoor water feature to add to your front yard or driveway; a small fountain that will draw the attention of anyone who pulls onto your property.

Or maybe you are looking for something that will act as a focal point for your back yard or patio. Having a piece like this can become a real conversation starter when you have friends or family over to visit. Not only that, the right water feature can provide a level of luxury that nothing else can, making your back yard the point of conversation every time that someone visits.

The best part is that there are so many different styles available with big outdoor fountains. Knowing what they can bring to the table can be the difference when it comes to making the jump towards getting one for your property.

Features of an Outdoor Fountain

What you might not have realized is that there are a number of features to a backyard water fountain other than the fact that it has water cascading out of it at all times. Here are just a few of the things that you should take into consideration when you think about purchasing an outdoor water fountain.

Durable designs

Generally speaking, an outdoor water fountain will come built to last a lifetime. This is because there is an attention to providing detail and durability, understanding that these large fountains will face the elements and all the wear and tear that they can bring.

Finding a large fountain that comes with the right finish and can match your decorating motif is one thing; finding a unit that can stand up to the wear and tear of the elements is another. Get all the confidence and reassurance that you deserve when purchasing an outdoor water fountain.

Splash Resistant 

One thing that you might not have considered is that the right backyard water fountain can provide you with a cool (quite literally) space that provides extra seating. This is why it is important to have a splash-resistant feature. You want the water to stay in the water feature, not splash everywhere.

Not only that, you want to ensure that your outdoor water fountain is safe as can be. The last thing that you need is for a guest to be moving around near the fountain and take a spill because of splashing. Getting a high quality fountain with splash resistant features will go a long way towards providing peace of mind as well as ambiance.

Multiple, Versatile Designs

The best thing about getting a big water fountains is that they are not all created to look the same. There are so many different designs that you can implement into your outdoor space that can make it feel unique and special.

Implementing something with multiple tiers can provide a level of luxury that other fountains just might not be able to match. Or you can add a wall fountain to the mix to act as a nice complimentary piece to your outdoor setting. Whatever you choose, you have a lot of different options at your disposal.

Having an outdoor water fountain can really amplify your outdoor space regardless of what purpose you are using it for. Add a splash of luxury and design aesthetic, create a space for friends and family to gather around, or simply add a touch of class to your outdoor space. Whatever the purpose, an outdoor fountain can accomplish it.