Outdoor Fountain FAQ

Q: How quickly can get my fountain? 

A: As they are made in different warehouses, lead times will vary from fountain to fountain. Please contact us for current lead times on your specific fountain.

Q: Are outdoor fountains hard to maintain?

A: Fountains are not hard to maintain. With all fountains, the number one step for maintenance is making sure there is enough water in the fountain. The pump should always be fully submerged. You will also need to make sure to properly winterize them when cold weather hits (draining and covering). A few times a year, you may also want to drain them and start with fresh water. You can also use our fountain approved algaecide, Fountec, to help prevent algae from building up. 

Q: Can I make a custom fountain?

A: Our outdoor fountains are made in molds and cannot be customized to be different sizes. Most of our fountains do come in several different colors that you can choose from.

Q: Will my fountain come with lights?

A: Unless specified on the product listing, outdoor fountains do not come standard with lights. You can add submersible lights to many of the fountains. With smaller units, lights may not fit and we recommend using garden spotlights to shoot up at the whole thing.

Q: Do these have to be manually filled with water or is there an easier way to refill them?

A: Our self-contained fountains need to be filled up as water evaporates. If you do not want to fill them up manually, many fountains will have the option to add an auto-refill system. You will need to connect this to a water line and it will act like a toilet float by keeping the water at the right level.

Q: Can my fountain be left outside over winter?

A: You can keep your fountain outside in the winter, but to help prevent any weather related damage, you will want to winterize your fountain. This will include draining it of all water and moisture, using absorbent materials in all bowls and covering it with a waterproof material. 

Q: My fountain is excessively splashing, what can be done to help with this?

A: Unlike indoor fountains, outdoor fountains are not made to prevent splash. Many fountains will have oversplash, which is a natural occurrence. Fountains with more tiers, narrow basins, or where water has to fall a long distance will be more splashy. 

Q: I live on a busy street, will a fountain help down out traffic noise?

A: Even very loud fountains will have a hard time drowning out large noises like traffic. The more tiers or drops a fountain has, or the farther water has to fall, the louder the fountain will be.

Q: Do you offer installation services?

A: We do not offer any installation services. We do offer free curbside delivery. The delivery driver will remove your fountain from the truck at your curb, but will not move it into place, unpackage, or install for you. We are happy to assist with installation questions and will provide the installation guide. 

Q: Is there a warranty on my fountain?

A: Many of our fountain manufacturers will either provide a warranty or will stand by their product quality. If you find that you are having issues with your water fountain, please reach out to us so we can assist and check on warranty availability. 

Q: Can I get physical color samples before I order?

A: Yes. We can send physical color samples. They are 3 for $25. If you would like to order samples, please contact us and we can help you with that directly.

Q: How will my fountain ship?

A: Fountains will either ship via FedEx and UPS or through a freight carrier. Typically, items that weigh more than 100 lbs will ship through a freight carrier. They will be boxed or palletized. The carrier will take the shipment off their truck, but delivery will be curbside only.

Q: What is the fountain cleaner?

A: The most common cleaner we recommend for outdoor fountains is called Fountec. This is a concentrated algaecide that will help keep the algae at bay. It is not harsh and will not damage your fountain's finish like many other chemicals would.

Q: Can I buy a fountain to put in my own pool or basin?

A: You can. We offer many options for tiered fountains that are plumbed all the through the bottom pedestal so that you can place them in an existing pond. We are happy to provide recommendations based on the size of your existing basin. 

Q: Can I put an outdoor fountain in a swimming pool?

A: We do not recommend putting any fountain in a swimming pool. This can be a potential safety hazard. Pool chemicals can also cause damage to the finish or fountain itself. 

Q: How long will my fountain last?

A: If you take good care of your fountain it will last for many years to come. Overtime, your fountain will naturally age and weather from the elements it is exposed to. 

Q: What is my fountain made of?

A: We sell outdoor fountains made of cast stone concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, and also of resin. 

Q: What does curbside delivery mean?

A: We offer free shipping, but delivery will be curbside only. This means that the carrier will take the order off the truck at your curb, but will not move it into place or install it. Delivery up a driveway, or anywhere besides the curb is considered an inside delivery and would require additional fees. To see if that is an available option for you, you can email us at info@thesoothingcompany.com