Electric Fireplace FAQ

Q: Do electric fireplaces require installation?

A: Electric fireplaces require very little installation. Most just need to be plugged in. Some will need to be mounted to the wall, but you will receive all necessary hardware along with the installation guide.

Q: How will my electric fireplace be delivered?

A: Your order will be delivered by Fed Ex, UPS, or LTL freight. Delivery will be curbside only. The driver will not bring your order inside, or unpackage it. We will send you tracking information once your order ships.

Q: What electrical outlet do I need for this?

A: You will just need a standard 110v outlet.

Q: How much clearance is required for my electric fireplace?

A: Keep combustible materials at least 3 feet from the front of the heater and keep them away from the sides and rear.

Q: Can I put an electric fireplace in a bathroom?

A: Never put electric fireplaces in a bathroom, or laundry room, or anywhere the heater could become damp/wet.

Q: Can I customize electric fireplaces?

A: Many of the electric fireplaces will come in different colors or sizes, but cannot be further customized.

Q: Do electric fireplaces provide heat?

A: Electric fireplaces do provide a nice heat! If you are using a recessed unit, they should be used without turning on the fireplace heater. 

Q: Will the glass get hot?

A: The glass should remain cool and safe. 

Q: Will I need any venting or a chimney for an electric fireplace?

A: Electric fireplaces do not require venting or chimneys.

Q: Is my electric fireplace safety certified?

A: These are safety certified. For specific questions on the certifications, please reach out to us.