Indoor Fountain FAQ

Q: How long is shipping?

A: Production lead times/Shipping times can vary. Please reach out to us directly for current lead times.

Q: How will my fountain ship?

A: Your fountain will be fully boxed or crated, and will arrive via a freight line with a lift gate.

Q: What does curbside delivery mean?

A: We offer free shipping, but delivery will be curbside only. This means that the carrier will take the order off the truck at your curb, but will not move it into place or install it. Delivery up a driveway, or anywhere besides the curb is considered an inside delivery and would require additional fees. To see if that is an available option for you, you can email us at 

Q: Can indoor fountains be used outside?

A: Yes. Outdoor hood covers offer protection to the mechanisms so that these can be placed outdoors. We also recommend keeping them under a patio or awning for their protection. 

Q: What is a hood cover?

A: A hood cover is an extra part that is fitted to the upper frame portion to protect and conceal the mechanisms.

Q: Will my fountain splash?

A: Indoor fountains are not meant to splash, but water is involved, some splash may occur. If you notice any splashing, please contact us right away so we can assist you with any troubleshooting necessary to get your feature running smoothly.

Q: How heavy are indoor fountains?

A: The weights can vary, but this can be found under the specifications tab on the product listing.

Q: Where are your fountains made?

A: These products are made here in the USA.

Q: Do you provide installation services?

A: We do not. We are an online dealer for multiple manufacturers across the country. 

Q: Are indoor fountains hard to install? 

A: Indoor fountains are made with homeowners in mind and are not terribly complicated to install. We can provide installation instructions as well as troubleshooting information if needed.

Q: Can I fill my fountain with regular water?

A: Distilled water is recommended to help prevent calcium or scale buildup.

Q: How often should I refill my fountain?

A: Filling needs will vary depending on your location. However, the pump must be fully submerged at all times to ensure that it won't burn out.

Q: What type of wall or construction will I need to support my indoor fountain?

A: Each feature will come with a hanging bracket, and it is recommended that these be installed into a studded wall for the best support.

Q: Can I get a custom fountain size?

A: Custom sizes are available. Please reach out to us directly for a quote.

Q: Can I add a logo?

A: Yes, logo's are available to be added. In order to this we need a logo file in vector or JPG format at a minimum of 1MB, to ensure a quality transfer. Logo's are etched into the surface, and then paint is used to add the color. There is a drop down menu on each listing that will show the cost to add your logo.

Q: Can I order a fountain that is fully enclosed?

A: You can order a fully enclosed fountain. This would become a custom unit. Fully enclosed units typically only need to be filled once or twice a year, which is great for lowered maintenance. For a quote on a fully enclosed unit, please reach out.

Q: Can I return my order?

A: Per our returns policy if you wish to return an item once it has shipped to you, there will be a 15% restocking fee, and the initial shipping cost and return shipping cost will be deducted from the refund amount. If your feature is a customized size, or has a logo on it, we do NOT accept returns. No Exceptions.
What if it arrives damaged? While this is extremely rare, if your feature arrives with damage, per our shipping policy, we must be notified within 24 hours of the delivery of your fountain in order to replace the damaged parts at no cost to you. Please email us photos of the damage that we can forward on to the manufacturer to get the replacement process going.

Q: Do you have physical samples?

A: We have samples for the frame materials, but we do not offer physical samples of the surface material. On each listing there is a link that says "Click Here for Current Stone Inventory". You can view the different slabs the warehouse has in stock, and get a better idea of how the different stones look.

Q: What is the difference between the LED and halogen light options?

A: Halogen lights are what come standard on each feature, and offer a soft, warm light to highlight your feature. The LED lights are an upgrade option,  and are bulbs that offer multiple colors as well as just a bright white light. These can be controlled by a small remote that comes with them. 

Q: What is the fountain cleaner?

A: Are the pebbles in the bottom tray included? Yes, these are included with each feature.

Q: Does my fountain come with a pump?

A: Yes, these come with their own pump. 

Q: What type of electrical connection do we need?

A: A standard 110V outlet is all that is necessary for this feature.

Q: Do I need a water line?

A: Most of our customers manually fill their fountains. We can provide you a quote for a computerized auto fill and gravity drain if you wish.

Q: Do the fountains or their parts come with a warranty?

A: Many of our manufacturers offer their own warranties, please reach out to us directly if you are having issues with your feature, and we can assist you in finding a solution.