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Outdoor Planter Guidebook Table of Contents Introduction Pots and Planters…Are They the Same? Types of Outdoor Planters Pros and Cons of Common Planter Types Making Your Choice Plants and the Right Planters for Them Other Key Considerations Basic Planter Care...

Top 20 Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains can add a taste of elegance and luxury to any room while still providing total tranquility and relaxation.

Find The Perfect Electric And Ethanol Wall Fireplaces For Your Home

There are many ways to add a cozy and welcoming vibe to any room or outdoor seating area and that’s with an inviting fireplace.

Modern & Contemporary Concrete Bench Ideas For Your Garden

There are many ways to decorate the exterior of your property to a simple Small fountain or adding a useful and attractive concrete bench is an easy way to do so.

11 Best Freestanding Ethanol Fireplaces Of 2020 (Review And Guide)

There is no doubt that fireplaces whether outdoors or indoors, create a bold statement. While they may be perceived as old-fashioned home decor, their versatility makes them a timeless piece.

6 Adorable Birdbath Fountains For Your Garden

There are many ways to spruce up your yard and make it an eye-catching display that makes passersby stop and stare with envy to a cat statue or a gorgeous birdbath fountains.

Top 64 Outdoor Water Fountains

Water features in a garden add reflective surfaces, calming trickle sounds, and cooling humidity to the landscape; they’ll also attract birds and butterflies.

Top 20 Cat Statues

Cats are one of the most adored pets in the entire world. And why wouldn’t they be? They are, for the most part, cute and cuddly and will show their affection to you in unique ways.

Top 15 Outdoor Garden Benches

Outdoor Benches are a necessity for your garden or backyard and The Soothing Company offers a large selection of cast stone garden benches to choose from.