Best Outdoor Fountains to Mask Noise

Do loud noises outside disrupt your peace? Finding a solution can be key to enjoying your outdoor space again.

Some of the best outdoor fountains for masking noise include:

  • Pioggia Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond
  • Caterina Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain
  • Seasons Change Wall Outdoor Fountain
  • Small Piogga Fountain
  • Cavalli Tiered Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond
  • Plumbed Large Lion Fountain
  • Provincial Outdoor Wall Fountain
  • New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain
  • Extra Large Vesuvio Fountain with Lion Pedestals
  • Augustine Wall Fountain
  • Relais Wall Fountain

Each of these fountains provides a unique blend of style and functionality, effectively creating a soothing sound barrier.

By choosing the right fountain, we enhance our outdoor environment, not just visually but acoustically as well. This turns our garden into a peaceful place where we can unwind and enjoy the peace we want. The soft sound of the water provides a natural soundtrack that helps us forget about the stress of daily life. 

Understanding Outdoor Fountains

When we choose outdoor fountains, we try to include options that make outdoor spaces like patios and gardens look better. We also think about things like how long the materials will last and what kind of fountain would work best in your area. 

Types of Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains come in many styles, each with its unique aesthetic and auditory appeal. For those of us aiming to mitigate ambient noise, we can consider multi-tier fountains, which produce a cascading sound effect that masks unwanted noise. Another choice is wall fountains, a space-efficient option that introduces the soothing sound of water to tighter spaces.

Here are some common types we encounter:

  • Multi-Tier Fountains: Ideal for creating significant auditory presence.
  • Wall Fountains: Space-saving and suitable for smaller patios or gardens.
  • Pondless Waterfalls: These simulate the sound of a natural waterfall without needing an actual pond.
  • Tabletop Fountains: Compact and perfect for intimate outdoor settings.

Materials and Durability

The longevity and appearance of an outdoor fountain are often dictated by the materials used in its construction. We prioritize weather-resistant materials to ensure our fountains can withstand various elements.

  • Stone: Offers a classic, natural look and is particularly durable.
  • Concrete: Known for its strength, it makes fountains capable of enduring harsh weather.
  • Metal: Provides a modern industrial appeal. It's often rust-resistant, which is important for longevity.
  • Resin: Lightweight and versatile, resin fountains are usually easy to move and come in many designs.
  • Fiberglass: It's known for being lightweight and mimicking the appearance of heavier materials like stone.
  • Polyresin: Similar to resin, polyresin is durable and can be crafted into various textures and finishes.

When choosing materials, we need to consider the visual impact and the material’s resistance to weather and rust, especially if the fountain will be a permanent fixture in an outdoor setting.

10 Best Outdoor Fountains to Mask Noise

In addition to making your room look better, outdoor fountains are also useful because they drown out background noise. Whether it’s traffic, neighborhood chatter, or other environmental noises, a well-chosen water fountain can create a serene environment. 

Here’s a look at some of the best outdoor fountains available from the Soothing Company that are specifically effective for noise masking.

1. Pioggia Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond

Pioggia Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond

The Pioggia Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond features three tiers that deliver a complete and mesmerizing water sound, perfect for masking unwanted noises. Its grand presence is complemented by the detailed artistry and robust flow, ensuring a stylish and serene ambiance.

2. Caterina Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain 

Caterina Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

Graceful and elegant, the Caterina Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain features multiple levels of flowing water, creating a peaceful cascade that absorbs external noise efficiently.

3. Seasons Change Wall Outdoor Fountain

Seasons Change Wall Outdoor Fountain

Seasons Change Wall Outdoor Fountain saves space and includes delicate carvings representing the four seasons, with water flowing smoothly over them to provide a calming sound barrier.

4. Cavalli Tiered Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond

Cavalli Tiered Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond

Majestic and striking this Cavalli Tiered Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond is majestic and striking. It includes sculptures of horses at the base, with water cascading grandly from tier to tier, making it a focal point that effectively masks ambient noise.

5. Plumbed Large Lion Fountain

Plumbed Large Lion Fountain

The grandeur of this fountain, with its detailed lion sculptures and large water basin, Plumbed Large Lion Fountain makes it a centerpiece that drowns out surrounding disturbances significantly.

6. Provincial Outdoor Wall Fountain

Provincial Outdoor Wall Fountain

With its classic design and robust water flow, the Provincial Outdoor Wall Fountain is space-efficient and powerful in its noise-masking capabilities.

7. New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain

New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain

This sleek and modern New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain provides a continuous and soothing waterfall that is as visually appealing as it effectively reduces noise.

8. Extra Large Vesuvio Fountain with Lion Pedestals

Extra Large Vesuvio Fountain with Lion Pedestals

This Extra-Large Vesuvio Fountain with Lion Pedestals is a statement piece with intricate lion sculptures and a large, robust flow of water that creates a deep, resonant sound ideal for masking external noises.

9.Augustine Wall Fountain

Augustine Wall Fountain

Featuring a sophisticated design with a high water volume, the Augustine Wall Fountain is perfect for creating a serene auditory and visual experience that enhances privacy and tranquility.

10. Relais Wall Fountain

Relais Wall Fountain

The Relais Wall Fountain combines elegance with function in a space-saving design that fits well in smaller gardens or patio areas. Its gentle water flow creates a soothing sound, ideal for adding tranquility and effectively masking external sounds.

Designing Your Soundscape

Creating an ideal outdoor soundscape involves choosing the right fountain styles and integrating them seamlessly into landscaping. We aim to achieve a harmonious balance where the water feature adds visual appeal and effectively serves its purpose of masking noise.

Fountain Styles to Consider

  • Wall Fountains: A Novem wall fountain boasts a contemporary design with multiple spouts, making it ideal for a modern aesthetic. It easily becomes a focal point in any garden.
  • Multi-Tier Fountains: Three-tier designs are classic and provide a cascading sound that is both visually and acoustically appealing. The sound varies with water flow and can be adjusted to suit your noise masking needs.
  • Tabletop Fountains: Perfect for smaller spaces, they introduce a gentle sound, enhancing the ambiance without overpowering.

Incorporating Water Features into Landscaping

  • Natural Blends: Integrate water features like basins or waterfalls with natural elements such as trees, shrubs, and rocks. This not only provides sound absorption but also creates a cohesive design.
  • Strategic Placement: Position your water feature to optimize noise reduction, using structures like trellises or hedges as natural buffers.
  • Harmonic Layouts: Design the landscaping to complement the style of your fountain. Whether it’s a sleek three-tier or a rustic waterfall design, ensure the surrounding flora accentuates the water feature.

Enhancing Outdoor Living

When transforming our backyards into serene retreats, the right outdoor fountain can play a pivotal role. By meticulously selecting designs that complement our decor and installing features that attract wildlife, we elevate our outdoor living spaces' tranquility and aesthetic appeal.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

We focus on integrating water fountains that emit a soft, calming sound to forge a relaxing atmosphere. The gentle murmur of flowing water is a proven method to mask noise from the outside world, such as traffic. Tranquility becomes the essence of our backyard as the water sounds create a peaceful ambiance, inviting us to unwind and enjoy moments of relaxation.

Design and Decor Integration

We take great care in choosing fountains that enhance the existing décor of our garden. For instance, a multi-tier modern industrial metal fountain can offer a contemporary look, while a tiered fountain adorned with flower petals might add a touch of rustic charm. Here is how we can match the fountain to our outdoor theme:

  • Modern/Sleek: Choose streamlined fountains with metallic finishes.
  • Natural/Rustic: Opt for fountains with natural stone textures or floral designs.
  • Classic/Elegant: Look for fountains with traditional tiered designs and intricate carvings.

Moreover, integrating the fountain with surrounding furniture and fences ensures the decor feels cohesive and deliberately crafted.

Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden

Incorporating a fountain not only serves us but also our feathered friends. The sound and sight of water attract various wildlife, especially birds, turning our garden into a lively sanctuary. By choosing fountains with gentle water flows and shallow tiers, we provide safe drinking and bathing spots for birds, adding life and natural beauty to our outdoor spaces.

As we continue enhancing our living spaces, remember to blend greenery such as shrubs or tall grasses to add privacy and contribute to the overall sound-buffering effect, providing a more secluded and intimate setting.

Noise Masking with Water Fountains

In this section, we explore the function of outdoor water fountains as a source of white noise that can help reduce the impact of environmental sound. We'll examine the benefits of such a sound environment and guide you through selecting the right fountain to reduce noise.

Benefits of White Noise

White noise is a steady sound that blocks out other sounds that could be annoying or distracting. Utilizing outdoor fountains in your space, you can create a blanket of white noise that aids in:

  • Drowning out unwanted sounds, Like traffic noise, is a common issue for urban dwellings.
  • Improving concentration and relaxation: By providing a stable auditory backdrop.
  • Enhancing privacy: The consistent sound of cascading water can make it more difficult for passersby to overhear conversations.

Fountain Selection for Noise Reduction

Selecting the right fountain to reduce noise pollution involves considering the fountain’s design and sound level. Here, we outline factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a fountain in masking unwanted noise:

  • Loud sound: Fountains with a multi-level, multi-spout design can produce a louder sound, improving the masking effect.
  • Modern design vs. traditional aesthetics: Choose a design that compliments your outdoor space; modern designs can be sleek with clean lines, while traditional ones might feature more ornate details.
  • Material and finish: Some materials, such as lightweight composites, are affordable and easy to install. The finish can also affect durability and appearance.
  • Size and budget: An appropriately sized fountain that fits your budget and space constraints will make the installation and upkeep more manageable.

In summary, our focus is on enhancing your outdoor experience by utilizing the noise-canceling properties of water fountains. Whether your goal is to mask traffic noise or create a tranquil garden retreat, the right fountain can play a crucial role.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Fountain

When we select a fountain, we consider its aesthetics and sound qualities, but maintaining its durability and beauty is equally important. Proper maintenance and cleaning are paramount for preserving the fountain’s visual allure and functionality.

Weatherproofing and Longevity

Our outdoor fountains need to withstand the elements year-round. Weatherproofing is, therefore, a critical aspect of fountain care. We ensure our fountains are constructed from durable materials like stone or high-grade metal that naturally resist weathering. Before winter arrives, it's vital to drain the fountain and protect it with a waterproof cover. If a fountain pump is present, we remove and store it indoors to prevent freezing damage, maintaining the equipment’s integrity.

Cleaning and Care Tips

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep our fountain running smoothly and looking its best. We recommend a cleaning schedule to prevent scale buildup and algae growth. Cleaning involves:

  • Emptying the water and removing debris.
  • Apply a gentle cleanser or vinegar solution to surfaces.
  • Employing a soft brush or cloth to scrub, ensuring we don't damage the finish.

Some fountains develop a patina over time. This natural aging process often enhances the fountain’s appearance, lending it an attractive, weathered look. Embracing this change, we clean our fountains gently, not stripping away this patina while preserving the fountain's structural integrity.


Choosing the right outdoor fountain can significantly improve the quality of your outdoor living spaces by adding visual beauty and providing a soothing sound to mask unwanted external noises. The fountains listed above from the Soothing Company offer different sizes and styles to meet different needs and tastes, all while ensuring that your outdoor environment becomes a peaceful retreat. Whether you want to drown out the noise of a busy street or create a calming atmosphere, these fountains are up to the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section gives clear, detailed answers to some of the most popular questions about the best outdoor fountains for noise masking.

What types of outdoor fountains are most effective for drowning out traffic noise?

Multi-tiered and wall fountains are particularly effective for drowning out traffic noise. Their multiple levels and cascading water generate a rich sound that effectively masks unwanted noise.

Can scupper-style fountains significantly reduce ambient noise in outdoor spaces?

Yes, scupper-style fountains can significantly reduce ambient noise. The sound from the water flowing through scuppers creates a consistent white noise that helps to dampen the intrusion of external sounds.

What design considerations should be considered when choosing a fountain for noise masking?

When choosing a fountain for noise masking, consider a design with multiple waterfalls or spouts, as these features create a complex sound profile that better masks background noise. Also, look for fountains with a contemporary style to fit modern garden themes.

How does a fountain's size and flow rate impact its ability to mask unwanted sounds?

A larger fountain with a higher flow rate will produce a louder sound, which can better mask unwanted noises. Adjusting the flow rate can help control the volume of the noise to achieve the desired level of sound masking.

Are there specific materials in fountain construction that help with sound absorption?

Materials such as dense resin casts, or concrete in fountain construction can help with sound absorption due to their heavy mass. These materials also have the durability to withstand outdoor elements, which ensures the fountain's effectiveness over time.

What are some DIY solutions for enhancing the noise-masking capabilities of an outdoor fountain?

Increasing the water level in the basin or adding additional rocks and surfaces for the water to flow over can enhance the sound produced by the fountain, thereby increasing its noise-masking capabilities. These DIY adjustments can be made easily and amplify the fountain's sound profile.

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