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Fireplace inserts provide you with the opportunity to continue using your traditional wood burning fireplace without dealing with all of the negatives that come with those outdated units. Ethanol fireplace inserts burn clean. This eco-friendly alternative produces real flames, but without all of the mess. You can start enjoying the relaxing effects of a real flame, without the harmful fumes, or damaging soot. Transform your old unused wall fireplaces into a clean burning ethanol fireplace today.


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Is the Ethanol Fuel eco-friendly? 

Ethanol fuel is an environmentally safe, clean burning product. It is safe for indoor or outdoor use and is a clean, plant-based fuel. It will have no toxic emissions, and only small amounts of CO2 and water vapor will be emitted. There will also be no soot, smoke, or residue that is common with wood-burning fireplaces. Never ingest fuel.  

Do I need to buy a specific brand of ethanol fuel? 

We recommend purchasing Ignis fuel or Smart Fuel for your tabletop fireplaces. If you purchase any other type of fuel, there may be additives that can cause flares and safety hazards. Never use boat or car fuel in your fireplace. 

Are ethanol fireplace inserts safe? 

When properly used, these are safe. Never leave an open fire unattended at any time. Make sure to monitor children and pets around the units. 

Can I put an electric fireplace in a bathroom? 

Never put electric fireplaces in a bathroom, or laundry room, or anywhere the heater could become damp/wet. 

Will the glass on my electric fireplace insert get hot? 

The glass should remain cool and safe.