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Bio Ethanol Inserts

Bio fuel inserts allow you to bring warmth and ambiance to space without the mess, toxic fumes, and safety concerns that come with burning wood in your wall fireplace. These unique pieces have quickly become very popular. More and more people are looking for a way to still showcase their beautiful hearth without compromising their health or the environment and ethanol inserts are the perfect way to achieve just that.


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All About Bio Ethanol Inserts

These inserts make it easy because they can be placed right inside an existing space. Alternatively, they can certainly be displayed elsewhere as well. With one of these inserts, all you need to do is fill the burner with biofuel. This is a fuel source made from fermenting sugars of various sustainable crops. When the burner is full, simply ignite and enjoy a realistic, hot flame. Biofuel does not require venting so you can clean your hearth one last time and never have to open your flue again. When the burner is empty, it simply gets refilled.

Choosing the Right One

If you are simply placing your insert in an existing space, you will need to measure and just make sure it fits. Try to take scale into consideration. If you have a very large space, you do not want a small one-burner insert inside. If you are an architect or designer involved with building new homes, these are perfect to incorporate right into the home's structure. We even have some that you could use in the creation of a very appealing outdoor living space. Our 1.5L Indoor outdoor Bio Fuel Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert is a good example of one that can be used in a variety of places. Plus, it is a lot less expensive than most are expecting to see on these pieces.

If you have a contemporary or simplistic home and are looking for something that will create a dynamic focal point without taking away from your décor or creating a cluttered feel, consider a stunning Bio-Blaze Insert Table Bio-Ethanol Fireplace. This is one that is sure to have guests talking and leave a lasting impression.


Bio fuel inserts come with a long list of pros, but you will have a hard time coming up with any cons. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide both warmth and ambiance. The dancing flame created is environmentally friendly and does not compromise the air quality in your room, so they can be enjoyed anywhere. Plus, they are mess-free. You will never have to worry about scooping ash or scrubbing a layer of soot off your walls. Simply pour the fuel in the burner, and you are ready to enjoy an instant and consistent dancing flame.