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Outdoor Fountains With Pools

Outdoor fountains with pools have long been a tradition for many cultures. In ancient times, a garden was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. In the modern era, people have access to such water features right outside their home. Even small water fountains are luxury to others peoples eyes. The outdoor space is all about personalization, and it's important the landscape represent the outdoor space properly. Outdoor fountains with pools provide a relaxing experience.


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If you’re looking to capture the sounds and feel of nature, a large outdoor fountain with a pool is the best choice. This type of water feature is the perfect choice for any garden. Plus, these units come in all different styles, sizes, and shapes. If you’re looking to impress guests, a water fountain with a pool will do the job. The moments had by the garden fountains will be priceless. This is an investment in relaxation.

Durable Design

Durability is at the core of all the large outdoor fountains The Soothing Company offers. We only make the best products and set high standards for the industry. All the materials our water fountains are made from can withstand the element if you properly care for your fountain. These water fountains also hold their appeal after long periods of time outdoors. Other water features on the market don't fair well and our products are the delight of our customers.

More Selection

The beauty of owning an outdoor space is the choice of outdoor fountains you can install. We offer one the largest variety of backyard fountains on the market. This allows matching enthusiast with pieces that match their outdoor décor. Our catalog is a compilation of the best units available.

Splash Resistant 

All of the waterfall fountains we offer are inspected to ensure the integrity of the unit. These splash resistant fountains keep water in the basin or in this case a pool. There’s no need for safe zones around the fountain. Focus on buying fountains from a trusted provider to never have to experience a splash from your fountain.

Safety is a top priority for our company, and we ensure this by providing the safest water features on the market. We are the internet's most dedicated company to quality and safety. Outdoor fountains are meant to be enjoyed and the industry is always evolving to make better and safer products. Below are some of our most popular outdoor fountains with pools.

Beauvais Water Fountain

This beautiful urn water fountain captures this essence of elegance in its design. The fountain has a rounded, unique pool. The classical look highlights a stunning flow of water and soothing sounds. This is a unit designed to make an impression and have a natural feel.

Parisienne Two Tier Fountain

This two-tier fountain will be a show stopper at any home or outdoor space. Add this tiered fountain to a driveway for a grand entrance, or in a park for a relaxing stop along the trail. With several drops and tiers, this water fountain will make a beautiful soothing sound.

Venetian Fountain 

A style based on the famous Italian architecture. The city of Venice is a world-renowned city full of culture. The fountains there are some of the most elegant in the world. The Venetian fountains we offer is an outdoor fountain with a pool based of these designs. Venetian fountains are a fantastic piece for someone with a European flair.

Lighted Design 

Lights can be added as a feature with all our fountains. That goes for all the outdoor fountains with pools. These LED fixtures are great for lighting and not too intense. These will allow you to enjoy your fountain no matter what time of night. The lights can run for more than 24 hours at a time with no problem. Best of all, the LEDs are high-efficient, so your light bill won't skyrocket.

Soothing Company 

We have the water feature to match with your decor. Make the best choice and contact us today to start enjoying your outdoor living space more than ever before.