Now that you have the perfect fire feature in your home, you are ready to consider the best fuel options. The Soothing Company offers a high-quality selection of both bio ethanol and gel fuel to fit your needs. Stock up and keep your home or office looking and feeling great all year around. The Soothing Company offers fireplace fuel at the most competitive rates online and, unlike our competitors, we only work with the most exclusive fireplace fuel providers on the market. In this way, we are able to ensure our fireplaces stand the test of time.

Choosing the perfect fireplace fuel isn't always an easy task. There are no shortages of fireplace fuel providers. While many of these companies claim to have the best quality fuel available, in reality, the majority of fireplace fuel providers lack the quality control infrastructure to guarantee you the results you desire.

The Soothing Company understands how sub-par fuel can ruin your fireplace in a matter of weeks. When you utilize a gel or bio ethanol fireplace fuel that isn't properly made, you can run the risk of inhaling harmful chemical byproducts into your lungs. Additionally, you can damage your new fire feature and leave it looking dirty and un-maintained.



Bio Ethanol

There is some confusion surrounding bio ethanol fuel as many people believe this remarkable product to simply be the liquid version of gel inserts. This is not true and both fuels are created in a completely different manner and out of different products. While both gel and bio ethanol burn clean, only bio-ethanol fuel is created in an environmentally safe process.

In fact, bio ethanol is the most environmentally friendly fireplace fuel option available. While Bio Ethanol fireplaces are extremely popular, many people are still unaware of what bio ethanol is and how it can benefit them. This fuel burns clean and is naturally created. 

Bio ethanol is created through the fermentation of carbohydrates that are produced in sustainable starch and sugar crops. This fuel burns hot and clean. These features make bio ethanol the perfect fit for small or portable fire features. Corn and sugar are the primary crops used in the creation of bio ethanol fuel.

Loading a bio ethanol fireplace is easy. You simply pour the bio ethanol liquid into the designated burner and ignite. This makes these units ideal for use in any scenario. When you are ready to put the fire out, you simply place the snuffer over the burner. This puts the flame out and saves your remaining fuel for later use.

Fuel You Fire Properly

With so many fireplace fuel options its good to know that you can count on The Soothing Company to provide you with reliable and safe alternatives. Our goal is to help usher in a new age of environmentally friendly fire features that can be enjoyed by all. Start getting the most from your home. Contact us today to find the perfect fuel for your fire feature today.