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Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop fountains will breathe new life into your décor. These impressive water features are one of the most popular styles of water fountain available today and are the perfect addition to your home for a small fountain décor. The installation is easy, and best of all, many of these units are portable. Now you can enjoy the relaxing effects of running water anywhere you desire, thanks to the innovative design of these devices. Choose from our wide selection of indoor and outdoor fountains to fit your unique needs. Start getting the most out of your home with a beautiful table top fountain from The Soothing Company.


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Adding a tabletop fountain to your home is one of the best ways to show the world you are unique. These units have become hugely popular over the last five years. Their rising popularity can be attributed to a number of contributing factors. Tabletop water fountains transform your simple table into an artistic masterpiece. These units are sure to spark interests from your guests when they notice the fantastic craftsmanship put into your water feature. 

Unique Appeal 

Your home décor is an extension of your personality. Your guests should feel as if they are getting a glimpse into who you truly are, and what you value most. Tabletop fountains create the perfect soothing atmosphere that is undeniable. These beautiful garden fountains let your guests know that you are the type of individual that appreciates peace and serenity with features like our M-Series Platia Fountain. People are drawn to people who express these characteristics in their way of living.


Tabletop water fountains do a lot more than look great in your home. These units reduce stress levels. Did you know that you can lower your blood pressure in minutes when observing running water? Numerous scientific studies have proven that the sight, and even just the sound, of flowing water, reduce stress levels significantly. Now you can start unwinding from a hard day’s work in minutes with a fantastic tabletop water fountain from The Soothing Company.


If you are looking for a portable water feature, you can't go wrong with a tabletop water fountain. Rather than a larger garden fountain, these are the perfect solution for renters or those who seek a more portable option. The non-permanent nature of these units allows you to enjoy your water fountain no matter where you live. Additionally, you can easily remove your tabletop fountain to accommodate for scenarios in which you require the full use of your table.

Wide Selection 

The Soothing Company offers the largest selection of outdoor and indoor fountains in the industry. Our extensive catalog features all of the latest-and-greatest water fountain designs available today, such as our M-Series Flores Fountain. Our skilled artisans have scoured the globe in search of marvelous tabletop fountain designs, and now you can enjoy the benefits of our research. You are sure to find the perfect tabletop fountain when you shop at The Soothing Company.

Custom Designs 

Are you looking for something a bit more personalized? Our expert fountain designers can create unique pieces to fit your needs. You can tune your design until it meets your strict standards. There are numerous finishes, and materials to choose from to dial your fountains design into your décor seamlessly. Your décor is essential, and The Soothing Company is ready to go the extra mile to ensure you get the tabletop fountain that fits you best.

Quality Construction 

All of our tabletop fountains undergo a rigorous multi-point inspection process. This process tests the functionality, safety, and durability of your water fountain. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of our fountains, and in many instances, your fountain can become a family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Cleaning Your Tabletop Fountain 

The cleaning process is simple and maintaining your water fountain is easy. Due to the portability of the unit, you can move your feature over to a sink, and drain the water in minutes. You can use any soft soap to keep your fountain looking and smelling great for years. Like all fountains, maintenance is an integral part of ownership. Your fountain will last longer, function better, and use less electricity when you utilize a steady maintenance schedule and properly winterize your fountain before freezing temperatures hit.

The Soothing Company Difference 

Finding the perfect tabletop fountain to suit your needs has never been easier. Call us today, and one of our experienced water feature specialists will guide you through selecting the tabletop fountain to fit your homes décor. No more stressing, start enjoying your home more and getting the most out of your relaxation time with a tabletop fountain from The Soothing Company.