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Garden Outdoor Fountains

Having an outdoor fountain can do a lot for any outdoor space. Garden fountains, in particular, can make any garden space feel particularly luxurious and resplendent. And what you may not have realized is that there is so much more to these water features than you may have ever realized before. These types of backyard water features go all the way back to the ancient world, including perhaps the most famous garden in history: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


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Gardens, when properly cared for and given enough attention, can be both luxurious and stunning. Garden fountains only add to that ambiance by bringing an old-world luxury to the table. The good thing is that the fountains have evolved over time, making it more convenient to implement that kind of luxury to any garden setting.

Different Kinds of Garden Outdoor Fountains

The best thing about these water features is they are not limited to just any one style. It can be easy to get lost in the variations, trying to find the one that fits your outdoor setting the best. Here are just a few of the styles that remain especially popular today.

Caterina Fountain

The Caterina Tiered Fountain remains a classic design and is known across the globe. With European inspiration, you would be hard-pressed to not see this style of backyard fountain throughout the centuries.

Even better, they make fantastic birdbaths so that you can enjoy that wonderfully soothing and beautiful aspect of nature. If you are an aspiring bird watcher, this beautiful fountain will attract more birds than you could have imagined.

Girona Fountain

This is another simplistic design that remains beautiful and timeless. Having a Girona Fountain in your garden can help set the kind of impression that you can only dream of achieving otherwise. Guests will be talking about how beautiful and luxurious your fountain is.

There is a unique water feature in the basin of this type of outdoor fountain. The water seems like it is flowing off the edges, but the reality of it is that it is falling back into the basin and nowhere on the outside of it.

This kind of effect can be mesmerizing to guests and onlookers, making this basic design feel special. With a solid stone basin that is low to the ground, you also have a feature that is very sturdy in its construction.

Falling Water Fountains

There is no match for the sound of falling water as it is one of the most soothing sounds that there is. You will find yourself spending time in the garden as often as possible just to enjoy that wonderfully soothing sound.

Falling water fountains are a popular wall fountain design that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Best of all, waterfalls can come in many different designs and interpretations. Having a flat flow tray can create a smoother flow of water from the top, providing some of the most soothing sounds around.

Pebble Fountain

This is one of the most timeless designs around, meant to capture the appeal of Mother Nature. A basin filled with pebbles and waters is meant to provide the illusion of a solid base and the sounds that it can produce are equally as amazing.

You can get a sleek, rocky outdoor look with one of these tabletop fountains that fit perfectly in just about any outdoor setting, making it one of the most versatile fountains that there is.

Sturdy Construction

When you purchase an outdoor fountain of any variety, you know that you are getting a sturdy and reliable construction. These things are meant to stand up to the test of time, holding up against consistent weathering from the elements and the sun.

With just a little bit of care and maintenance, your garden outdoor fountain can last for decades at a time, providing the focal point for your garden. Friends, family members, and guests of any nature will love to visit your garden space just to be around this exquisite fixture.