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Waterfall Fountains

Waterfall outdoor fountains have a unique look that brings the beauty of nature to your home. In the past, waterfalls were associated with mystical places in nature. The serenity that comes with visiting a waterfall is unmatched and now you can enjoy the same feeling in your home. The Soothing Company has an extensive waterfall outdoor fountain collection to fit your backyard water feature needs. Whether you're looking for an outdoor or indoor fountain, let our company match you with the waterfall fountain that fits your home best.


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A well-fashioned outdoor water fountain will capture the imagination. You can enjoy the soothing sensation of running water in your home and office space, or outside on the patio alike. These options provide you with the ultimate flexibility when spicing up your home's décor. There are multiple styles and designs to fit your design motif perfectly. The excitement will overwhelm you when you notice the beauty of your new large water wall.

Splash Resistant

It’s important to note, that all our large water walls are extensively tested for safety. We take pride in providing only the safest products to the public. To ensure only the best quality units reach the public every outdoor fountain is inspected to ensure all safety standards are met. In the installation process, the splash level is properly regulated. Its normal for the unit to lose water over time due to evaporation but you shouldn’t need a splash zone for safety around your water fountain.

To ensure safety, units should be bought from a reliable provider. Quality service and peak performance is a priority for the Soothing Company. Our customers understand that safety comes first with us.

Durable Design 

The best compliment to safety is a durable design. The highest quality materials are used in manufacturing water features. Soothing Company unit’s durability has stood the test of time in homes, offices, or outside alike. The durability of the designs is tested prior to and post-installation. You receive the best unit available at an amazing cost. The Soothing Company has an established reputation in the garden fountain business that is built on providing dedicated service to all of our customers.

More Selection 

Waterfall outdoor fountains are personalized pieces for your décor. It’s not uncommon to find one style of the fountain to be a standard design. Our extensive catalog features an in-depth display and details of all our designs small water fountains to big ones. The design ranges from cutting edge modern designs, natural-inspired resembling tree trunks, and base stone designs. In our collection of garden fountains, there are many different styles to go along with every artistic design. Below are just some of our most popular styles.