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Once you discover the right fireplace to fit your decor, you may be surprised to learn of the huge selection of fireplace accessories available to you. While most people think of traditional fireplace tools such as pokers when thinking about these items, there is actually a much wider selection to consider. Our logs and pebbles are compatible with Electric Fireplaces as well as Ethanol Fireplaces. These finishing touches are what take a normal fireplace and make them exactly what you desire.


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Lumina Smart Ethanol Fuel - 12 x 1 Liter Pack
Lumina Smart Ethanol Fuel - 12 x 1 Liter Pack

Lumina Smart Ethanol Fuel - 12 x 1 Liter Pack

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Does my fireplace come with accessories and/or fuel?

No, but we have fire resistant ceramic log sets and fire resistant ceramic pebbles available for purchase separately.

How do you add fuel?

Pour fuel into designated areas slowly, using a funnel. Never add fuel while the unit is still burning or hot. Fill no more than 3⁄4 full. Use only long lighter to ignite. Initial ignition may have a high flame close lid half way to light.

Do I need to buy a specific brand of ethanol fuel?

We recommend purchasing Ignis Fuel or Smart Fuel for your Ethanol Fireplaces. If you purchase any other type of fuel, there may be additive that can cause flares and safety hazards. Never use boat or car fuel in your fireplaces.

Is Ethanol fuel eco-friendly?

Ethanol fuel is an environmentally safe, clean burning product. It is safe for the indoor our outdoor use and is a clean plant based fuel. It will have no toxic emissions, and only small amounts of CO2 and water vapor will be emitted. There will also be no soot, smoke or residue that is common with wood burning fireplaces.