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Sphere Outdoor Fountains

Adding an outdoor fountain to your life can have more of an impact that you may have ever thought. Perhaps you have been wanting to spend more time in your outdoor space but there is nothing pulling you to the space. This is where a sphere outdoor fountain can really tie any outdoor space together. Fountains in general offer beauty and luxury like no other fixture can and this particular type of modern fountain has a unique aesthetic to it that draws the eye of all who visit. Best of all, there are so many different options to choose from to fill your outdoor space from a small water fountain to a big one.


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Ball and Bowl

The ball in and bowl design is immaculate and a favorite among the outdoor fountain community. This is because it has a simple design that somehow retains its elegance. This fixture will become the focal point of any outdoor setting, leaving guests clamoring to visit again and again.

The large base is typically a bowl where the water flows into, recirculating back upwards to create a constant flow down over the globe, providing that smoothing and calm aesthetic that so many people desire. And with the large size of the bowl, it makes refills far less frequent so that you can enjoy the tranquility that this fountain provides.

Ball and Ring

The Ball and Ring Fountain is meant to be a large floor piece, this type of large outdoor fountain is simplistic yet elegant and beautiful. The piece itself is comprised of one large ball that sits on the dish-style base and allows for a large amount of water to continuously flow over the sphere. This gives the feature a beautiful sheen to accompany the soothing sounds of the water flowing.

This type of large fountain is great for hotter climates as it can provide a beautiful aesthetic in addition to the peaceful and tranquil sounds that not just any outdoor feature can provide. With a safe design and a unique yet simple aesthetic, anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor space can do so in style.

Durable Design

When adding an outdoor fountain to your space, there are a few things that everyone wants. The first is that calming, relaxing, tranquil experience. The sound of water falling is one of those unique, relaxing experiences that is difficult to replicate otherwise.

The second is that they want it to match up to any design motif that might already be in place. This is why versatility and choice are important. And lastly, durability is of the utmost importance. This is because these fixtures are outdoors 24/7, 365 days per year.

Having a fixture that is not built to stand up to the sun and the elements during that time means that you will be replacing that fixture sooner rather than later. But with a modern outdoor fountain, you know you are getting the durability to stand the test of time, no matter the climate.

Granted, anything that has to face extreme weather for much of the year will tend to wear down faster, so if you live in areas with extreme climates, keep that in mind. But under normal circumstances, you can expect an outdoor fountain to stand up to the wear and tear that it will face.


One great aspect of adding a top selling fountain to your outdoor space is that they more often than not come in a litany of colors and textures. This means that regardless of your design aesthetic, you will be able to find the color and texture that suits you best.

No more having to settle, no more having to shoehorn a certain color in; you get the look that you want to fit the design that you are striving for. That’s something that few other garden fountains or appliances can provide.

This level of versatility alone makes a sphere garden fountain something that you should consider adding to any outdoor space. You can transform that space into a beautiful, peaceful setting that friends and family will be clamoring to visit more and more.