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Here at The Soothing Company we offer one of the largest selections of garden planters available online. From classic to modern planters, the extensive catalog is full of an endless amount of choices and separates us from the competition. See our full, wide collection of outdoor planters below.


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Throughout human history, planters have played a significant role in gardens. All ancient cultures used planters and other forms of pottery. This makes these planters one of the oldest forms of art practiced by every culture. Applying outdoor planters to your garden makes the outdoor living space more charismatic. A planter is a great way to add a subtle addition to your established garden. Planters can attract a positive reaction from guests. The Soothing Company provides a wide variety of planters. Browse through the selection and find your perfect match today.

Planters are a timeless outdoor piece that has always maintained their popularity in the garden. They are a great addition to other yard décor like outdoor benches. A garden is an extension of your personality and this expression is shown in garden décor. Planters allow you to express freedom in design that can inspire guests. In some ancient cultures, outdoor planters are said to have a spiritual effect. In modern times, planters still hold significant value in many cultures. The Soothing Company has an extensive outdoor planter selection to match your needs.


All outdoor planters have a cultural influence and the modern planter stem from these influences.

All these influences combined have contributed to wide selection design and styles that available today. A planter makes all the difference and this variety has allowed for garden space to upgrade without much change. The Soothing Company has the best selection of styles in the market place. The extensive catalog has more styles and designs than the competition. Below will share some of the all outdoor planters we provide.


Martine planters is a wonderful set of outdoor planters. The planters are all sapphire blue, a stunning color. The planters come in a set of four, and all are in different sizes. This a true masterpiece of right coloring mixed with simple planter design. A great set of planters for the inspiring enthusiast. All outdoor planters offered by The Soothing Company are designed and produced by the manufacturer.  


Relias small urn garden planter is a model of simplicity with class. This one-piece unit is a concrete planter that can be set and showcased. The planter has an earthy feel with its stone appeal. It’s a smooth design that doesn't consume space. This versatile planter can be placed virtually anywhere because of its small size. This unit is a great choice that will liven any outdoor garden space. Truly an outdoor planter to consider.  


Avendia XL planter is a well-rounded outdoor planter. All outdoor planters have a different design, and, in the industry, creativity is at an all-time high. Avendia XL planter is a great option with an even tone. This planter is available in a set of two. The planter comes in a lite onyx black color. The style is simple but elegant. The Soothing Company has a wide variety of style to offer its good to know that they still provide planters with versatility style.  


Arabesque large window box is a true outdoor planter. All outdoor planters are different, and this style has been around for a long time. The arabesque large window box is great for the window and for other outdoor high places. The box is a rectangular shape with light coloring. The planters come in a two-piece set and one of the boxes is larger than the other. The window box design is good for those who looking for their first set.  


Carema small garden planter is a fantastic design for an outdoor planter. Like the other units mentioned the Carema planter is more subtle design. The design is a smooth planter with its initial lip and one line beneath the lip. This simple design can be used in combination with virtually any garden décor. The smooth Carema small garden planter comes in a base stone color. A great choice for adding a new piece to the outdoor space.  


Planters continue to be one of the most popular outdoor décor items available. The Soothing Company’s extensive catalog has all outdoor planters you need and more. This manufacturer can handle all your garden décor needs including planter sets. Their trained staff of professionals can help with the selection process and guide you through the catalog. The Soothing Company has the best customer service to go along with the best gardening products. This industry leader has made the most of making its claim in the garden décor industry. Contact The Soothing Company today and match your garden with the perfect all outdoor planter.