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Concrete Planters

Cast stone concrete planters can be present in any garden. Since ancient times cast stone has been used to craft some of the first planters. It is one of the oldest materials used for making planters. If you’re looking to add character to your garden, cast stone planters are always a great option. A cast stone planter has a basic design with a classy touch. A good outdoor planter will liven any outdoor space. Guest will marvel at your new cast stone planter. A subtle difference like adding a planter can earn praises. The Soothing Company has the selection to provide the planter that best fits your garden.


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All About Concrete Planters

Cast stone planters can be considered timeless garden décor because they continue to impress. Garden décor shows your personality and every item makes a statement, that includes your outdoor planters. A well-themed garden with the right décor can inspire others. Planters where known to hold trade value in ancient times. Outdoor décor is an industry that continues to persist. Planters continue to maintain value after purchase and many outlive the gardens they’re placed in. The Soothing company provides the most durable planters in the market including ceramic planters.


Since the beginning, different cultures have influenced cast stone planter designs and styles. The amazing variety of cast stone planters available today came from all the influences which are forever present in all new modern art. Cast stone planters manage to make subtle changes over time. This allows for the planters to evolve slowly. An outdoor planter can enhance your garden by acquiring the perfect match for your décor. Below we’ll review some of the more popular cast stone planters The Soothing Company offers.

Low Zen Large Planter Bowl

This cast stone planter has a great appeal with a fantastic design. This versatile style planter is large but low to the ground. The bowl can be placed in a multitude of garden backgrounds. The bowl is even subtle design with base stone color. Low Zen large planter bowl smooth frame makes for a versatile planter. The Soothing Company has an endless selection of cast stone planters and the Low Zen planter is one of the better performing units.

Guilia Small Garden Planter

Guilia small garden planter is a wonderful option for all gardens. The unit has a wide bowl shape that allows holding a variety of plants. The planter is still capable of being portable. This unit can be placed in many different areas around a garden. The cast stone used in the production of the planters is of the darker variety. Guilia makes garden planter a fantastic choice for the inspiring enthusiast.

Wilton Urn Garden Planters

Wilton urn garden planters make a great flower planter. This classic design is still widely used for holding bright flowers. The light cast stone makes for great contrast with other like-colored flowers. The urn is a traditional piece that’s still present. It’s common to see the urn planter placed on columns. The planter comes in a set of two. The planters are different sizes but retain the same shape.

Vallier Garden Planters

The Vallier planters are like the previous mentioned. The style is classic but with a different design. These planters are fantastic at holding flowers. The light-colored cast stone looks radiant in the sun. This planter has a wide top with a smooth transition to a slightly tighter bottom. The subtle artist touch beneath shows the class of the planter. These planters come in a set of two and both planters are of different sizes.

Rustic Versaille Garden Planter

Rustic Versaille garden planter has a fancy name with a timeless design. This planter has a rustic wooden box appeal with an even four sides. The planter has a decent size to hold a good variety of plants. The wood appearance with sound coloring makes for the rustic feeling of the planter. The planters simplicity has made it popular. The rustic Versaille garden planter is one of The Soothing company best performing planters.

The Soothing Company

When looking for the right planter to make the most of your outdoor living space, The Soothing Company is the best manufacturer in the industry. This designer has the selection needed to match any garden décor and theme. This one-stop shop makes for the best place to design a garden from scratch and planter should be a top priority in the garden. A cast stone planter will last forever as long as you take good care of it and properly maintain your concrete item. The Soothing Company is committed to the excellence of producing only the finest quality cast stone items in the market.