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Planter Sets

Planters sets are an important part of garden décor. They provide an outdoor setting with adornments. Adding a planter set to your garden enhances your garden space. Planter sets are a great way to show your personality through your garden décor. When adding planter sets to the garden your guest will immediately notice in their next visit or can observe in your concrete garden bench with such amazement. Planter sets can be the perfect addition to make your entire garden come alive. The Soothing Company has one of the best selections of garden planters available online. The extensive catalog is full of an endless amount of choices. The selection The Soothing Company offers separates it from the competition.


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All About Planter Sets

Planter Sets are a mainstay in the garden décor market. The planter has been around for ages and continues to shape garden design. Remember, your garden’s décor should be a reflection of your personality. Your outdoor living space is a fantastic way to showcase your artistic side to everyone. Planter legacy as ancient garden décor makes for a traditional market with both new and old inspirations. The manufacturer makes the effort to respect classical inspiration while making completely new planter designs. Today, planter sets continue to play an important role in the outdoor space. Soothing Company provides the right combination of classical and modern planter sets.

More Styles

Options are always what you want when looking for the right planter set. The constant influence surrounding planters provide the atmosphere for constant creativity. This allows for a new style and design to evolve. The right planter set can upgrade your garden setting to achieve a new experience and feel. Often gardens have a planter set that’s time to switch up. The Soothing Company has the selection of different styles at your disposal.

English Weaver Large Garden Planter

The English weave large garden planter is inspired by English design. The English weave basket is legendary in the British isle and has seen constant use for thousands of years. The multiped purpose use of the basket led to it being a common site as a planter. The planter looks identical to the English weaved basket, although it’s an obvious planter. The materials are stone and durable. The planter comes in a set of two.

Andromeda Planter

The Andromeda planter is fantastic planter set. The bright red planter has an interesting style. The design is subtly combined with a loud color. The name derives from the Greek goddess Andromeda. This planter set comes in a set of four and all planter are different sizes. The planter is designed to hold a wide variety of plants and flowers. The Soothing Company offers all original designs and styles.

Marta Planter

The Marta planter is one of the taller mentioned today. This planter has a more oval shape that leads to a deeper base. The opening is comparable to the size of the planter itself. The indigo rain color the planter has is impressive. The planter come in a set of three, all planters have different sizes. These sturdy units make for great garden decor and offer a more vibrant color than average planter sets. The Marta planters set is good for all enthusiasts.

Lorimar Planter

Lorimar planter set is an amazing collection of art. The planter has an interesting style that impresses on first sight. The color is glacier that fades into brown, and the fade effects the in-between coloring. This planter is four-sided with a wider top than the bottom. Lorimar planters come in a set of three. The size scales up with each planter. The Soothing Company shows the designers talent with the Lorimar planter set.

Ipanema Planter

Ipanema Planter has an outstanding appearance. This planter set looks more alien than the rest. The design resembles a shape stone earth. The consistency of the patter shows the artist influence. This one of a kind set comes in threes. The planters all have an even distribution with their design. The Terra Cota option is the one that looks earthy and matches well with a desert themed garden.

The Soothing Company

The Soothing Company is committed to producing the best planter sets the industry has to offer. The extensive catalog is full of unique and innovative designs that been collected over the years. The professional staff will walk you through the search process. The Soothing Company is committed to excellence in every aspect of the business. whether it be customer service, or providing the highest standard planters. Contact The Soothing Company today and begin the browsing process to match your garden with the perfect planter set.