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Indoor Floor Fountains

Indoor floor fountains have a sleek design that anyone can build around. With a wide variety of frames and surface material options, you can create the perfect feature for your needs. If you are wanting something even more unique than our standard units, you can also create a custom fountain specific to you. Regardless of the style you are looking for, The Soothing Company has a phenomenal selection of indoor floor fountains that will meet your needs.  


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All About Indoor Floor Fountains

Indoor water fountains have an advantage to outdoor ones. They're easier maintained mixed with elegance. The designs to choose from are endless. That makes finding a matching indoor fountain to go with your décor easier. Guests in your home will notice your fountain before anything else. 

Floor Fountains

Floor fountains are open the better options in convenience and luxury. Our fountains come in a variety of materials to ensure only quality products are produced. This style of fountain offers relaxation with a chic design. There's no better way to pass the time than listening to the soothing sounds of water flowing. Your only worry will be water loss due to evaporation as fountain maintenance is quite simple.

The material in our fountains is top of the line. This design is usually accompanied by water rocks at the bottom. The base material varies from wood, granite, and marble. The fixture provides the image of still calm water in the forefront. 

Splash Resistant

It’s important to choose only the safest indoor fountains. Splashes are common with low-grade floor units, but with our indoor fountains that’s not the case. All of our fountain’s designs go through rigorous testing before being sold. Our indoor floor units maintain safe water levels to avoid splashing. Any area around a fountain can stay safe and dry for you and your loved ones.

The Soothing Company safety is a top priority of ours and our safety standards are only part of that experience. The next step is the quality materials. The combination of these two virtues makes our fountains a superior product and our extensive catalog can be matched with your décor without worry. You can rest assured the durability of each fountain is tested. 

River Floor Fountain

If you want to enjoy the soothing sounds of a waterfall, the river floor fountain is a great option. The man-sized fountain version is an indoor classic. These units have a solid basin and you'll still have room to spare. The low consumption of electric makes indoor floor fountains cost-effective. This style of fountains is popular in indoor spaces like an office or even homes.

Their sleek design makes them great to match the indoor decor. Like other quality fountains we offer, these fountains can come in a variety of materials and designs. 

Clear Glass Indoor Fountain

These fountains are quickly becoming an office favorite. Indoor fountains are an elegant design that fits perfectly with office décor. Let’s not forget the therapeutic sounds of listening to running water while you work. These fountains offer the most flexibility in the personalization of the design.

Indoor floor fountains are holding their place at the top of the fountain world. The popularity of this design speaks for itself. Most fountains water drops freely over the base. In this structure, the waterfalls smoothly in the basin. Unlike outdoor fountains, this limits splash which have made indoor floor fountains the safest. The combination of materials from the glass back and stone basin, will allow you to explore your creativity. 

Lighted Design

Lighting in fountain design has never been uncommon. Now they're becoming popular with indoor units. One would think it’s just an outdoor feature, but it's changing quickly. Just like with our indoor wall fountains, indoor floor fountains have increasingly been used with LED lights. A lighted waterfall is equipped with LED lights that can be left on for 24-hour cycles without worry.

Fountains can have a light placed in many different areas, but the feature is available for most fountains. The special accent lights are installed out of sight and will only face into the fountain. In-wall fountains its placed on opposite ends you'll find at the top or at the base. The smooth flow of waters allows the light to perform undisturbed by the lights. 

Soothing Company

The Soothing Company is the top choice when it comes to quality indoor fountains. Our staff has knowledge of the catalog to guide you through the process. Whether for home, office, or spa our indoor fountains will match your décor. For the best fountains available, contact The Soothing Company today.