12 Animal Garden Statues To Add to Your Backyard

Discover the perfect animal garden statue to enhance your backyard's charm! Explore our top 12 picks and find your favorite.

Adding animal garden statues to your backyard transforms it from plain to charming, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere. From playful frogs and wise owls to majestic horses, each statue adds a unique flair that reflects your taste and love for wildlife.

Selecting the perfect animal garden statues is an adventure in itself. Whether we favor the classic grace of a deer, the playful antics of rabbits, or the exotic allure of a safari-inspired ensemble, these statues can command attention or subtly complement the natural beauty of our surroundings. In doing so, they reinforce the inviting atmosphere of our backyards, making it a haven for us and everyone who steps into our little slice of nature.

Choosing the Right Animal Garden Statues

When enhancing our yards with animal garden statues, we must consider our outdoor space, the durability and style of materials, and how these pieces will fit into the existing landscaping theme.

Assessing Outdoor Space Requirements

Before introducing yard statues, we need to assess the size and layout of our outdoor space. This ensures the statues we select are proportionate and harmonious with the garden's scale. For expansive gardens, larger animal garden statues can serve as focal points, while smaller spaces might benefit from petite or even miniature representations to avoid a cluttered appearance.

Selecting Materials for Durability and Style

Choosing the right material for garden animal statues impacts their durability and style. Metal statues, such as those crafted from bronze or aluminum, offer a classic look and can withstand the elements. Concrete statues, on the other hand, provide a weighty presence and are well-suited for gardens exposed to high winds or playful pets.

  • Metal: Ideal for a refined aesthetic; resists rust and corrosion with proper treatment.
  • Concrete: Offers solidity; ages gracefully with a unique patina that can enhance the statue's character over time.

Understanding Theme and Landscaping Integration

Finally, we must consider how the existing theme integrates with our landscaping. If our garden exudes a woodland feel, woodland creature statues would blend seamlessly. Alternatively, abstract or exotic animal statues might be more appropriate for a more eclectic or modern garden.

  • Woodland themes: Opt for statues of deer, rabbits, or birds.
  • Modern landscapes: Consider artistic pieces or animals from different cultures, like Elephants or Lions.

Taking the time to carefully choose our animal garden statues and considering these parameters allows us to create a meaningful and enjoyable outdoor decor.

12 Animal Garden Statues To Enhance Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Enhancing your backyard with garden statues beautifies your outdoor space and brings a unique character to your home. Animal garden statues, in particular, offer a playful yet elegant touch, making them perfect additions to any garden or patio. Here are twelve delightful animal statues that will transform your backyard into an enchanting sanctuary.

1. Cat Statues

Patience Cast Stone Garden Statue

For cat lovers, the Cat Outdoor Statuary from Soothing Company offers a variety of poses that capture the mystique and charm of our feline friends. These statues are perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any garden setting.

2. Dog Statues

Scout Cast Stone Garden Statue

Dog statues are a great way to pay tribute to a man's best friend. From playful pups to majestic guard dogs, the Dog Outdoor Statuary collection has a wide range of choices that can show off your love for dogs while decorating your outdoor space.

3. Bird Statues

Coupling Two Birds on a Rock Cast Stone Statuary

The Bird Statues collection celebrates the beauty and diversity of birds with options ranging from majestic eagles to quaint sparrows, perfect for adding a natural and serene element to your garden.

4. Frog Statues

Golfer Frog Cast Stone Garden Statue

Frog Garden Statues bring a sense of whimsy and a touch of the wild to your garden. With various poses, from contemplative to cheerful, these statues can lighten the mood and bring a smile to anyone who sees them.

5. Turtle Statues

Turtle Cast Stone Garden Planter - Small

Slow and steady, Turtle Statues from the Soothing Company embody tranquility and endurance. These statues are not just decorative but also symbolize patience, making them a thoughtful addition to any garden.

6. Water Creature Statues

Large Koi Cast Stone Garden Statue

From dolphins to koi, the Water Creature Garden Statues offer a variety of aquatic figures that bring the calm and mystery of the ocean to your backyard.

7. Owl Statues

Barny the Owl Cast Stone Garden Statue

Owls are known for their wisdom and mysterious nature. Owl Statues can add an element of mystery and intelligence to your garden, making it look more enchanting.

8. Eagle Statues

Eagle Looking Left Cast Stone Garden Statue

Eagle Statuary represents strength and majesty. These statues can make a powerful statement in any space with their detailed designs.

9. Horse Statues

Charlotte's Choice Cast Stone Garden Statue

Symbolizing freedom and power, Horse Statues are dynamic and can serve as a beautiful addition to larger garden spaces.

10. Lion Statues

Sentry Lion Statue

Lion Statuary adds a royal touch to your garden. Known as the king of the jungle, a lion statue can provide an imposing yet graceful addition to your landscape.

11. Dolphin Statues

Brass Baron Large Double Dolphins Garden Accent and Pool Statuary

Dolphins are playful and intelligent, and their statues are perfect for adding a lively and joyful element to poolside or garden water features.

12. Rabbit Statues

Lop-Eared Bunny Cast Stone Garden Statue

Rabbit Statuary brings a charming and soft touch to your garden, symbolizing luck and abundance, and is perfect for more quaint or whimsical garden designs.

Animal statues beautify your garden and give it character and life. These twelve animal statues offer a variety of styles and moods, ensuring that every backyard can find its spirit animal in statue form. So, which animal statue will you choose to transform your garden into a personal paradise?

Personalizing Your Garden Statues

Personalizing your garden statues is a fantastic way to infuse your unique style and personality into your outdoor space. We'll guide you through the various options and provide tips to customize your garden to reflect who you are.

Options for Personalised Tips and Ideas

  • Choose a Theme: We recommend picking a theme that resonates with you and exploring statues within that motif. For wildlife lovers, statues of creatures from the animal kingdom can add a vivid touch to your garden.
  • Commission Custom Pieces: If you want something unique, consider commissioning a personalized garden statue. Connect with artisans who can create custom sculptures based on your designs or portraits.
  • Engraving: Adding engravings to garden statues is an intimate way to memorialize significant dates, names, or quotes with special meaning.
  • Color Customization: Apply your choice of colors to garden statues to match them with your garden's color palette, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Customizing Statues to Reflect Personal Style

  • Selecting Materials: The material of your garden statue can influence the look and feel of your garden. Choices like stone, metal, or concrete offer distinct styles—from rustic charm to modern sophistication.
  • Accessorizing: Consider accessorizing your statues with items that complement your interests. For example, a statue dressed in a miniature scarf or surrounded by your favorite flowers can bring a personal touch.
  • Thematic Additions: Incorporating small themed ornaments or additional smaller statues that complement the primary piece can create a narrative or tell a story that's uniquely yours.

When personalizing your garden statues, it's important to think about how these additions will weather over time and whether they need regular maintenance to keep them looking pristine. Remember, the goal is to craft a space that is a testament to your individuality and brings you joy every time you step into your garden.

Maintenance and Care for Garden Statues

Keeping your animal garden statues in prime condition requires particular attention to their maintenance and care. The following subsections will guide you through cleaning and preserving different materials and protective measures to ensure your statues remain durable and visually appealing as outdoor decor throughout the year.

Cleaning and Preserving Different Materials

  • Stone Statues: For stone statues, we recommend a light scrub with a mixture of water and mild detergent, followed by a thorough rinse. Annual sealing with a stone-safe sealant is advised to prevent water absorption and frost damage.
  • Metal Statues: To maintain metal statues, it's crucial to remove any rust spots promptly using a wire brush, then protect the surface with a clear lacquer or metal-specific sealant to prevent further oxidation.
  • Resin Statues: For the best results when cleaning resin statues, use a gentle sponge or cloth dampened with soapy water. To avoid discoloration and brittleness, keep them out of direct sunlight when possible and store them in a sheltered location during extreme weather.

Note on Frequency: Regular checks every few months can save lots of effort - catching bird droppings or sap early prevents stains from setting in.

Protective Measures for Year-Round Decor

  • Preventive Positioning: Place your animal statues on a flat, stable surface to avoid tipping and ensure even exposure to elements, contributing to uniform aging and patina development.
  • Seasonal Storage: In regions with harsh winters, consider moving non-frost-resistant materials like ceramic or thin resin into a dry place such as a basement, garage, or shed to prevent cracking and other winter damage.
  • Security Measures: To secure your statues, you can anchor them to their base or add a layer of gravel or sand for additional weight to prevent theft or displacement due to strong winds.

With these strategies for cleaning and preservation, coupled with proactive protective measures, we ensure our garden statues continue to be an enchanting part of our outdoor space for years to come.


Animal garden statues enhance outdoor spaces by adding a personal touch and character, ranging from whimsical rabbits and frogs to majestic lions and eagles. These statues, available in various materials and sizes, reflect individual styles and complement the garden's natural beauty, transforming any backyard into a captivating sanctuary. Gardeners personalize their spaces by creatively selecting and integrating these statues with the garden's theme and layout. This boosts visual interest and aligns with the garden's overall design, creating an inviting and memorable retreat that reflects individual taste.

Ready to transform your garden into a personal paradise? Explore our wide selection of animal garden statues today and find the perfect piece to enhance your outdoor sanctuary!

Frequently Asked Questions

When enhancing your backyard with animal garden statues, it's important to make selections that ensure longevity and complement your outdoor space. This section addresses some common inquiries to help you make the best choices for your garden decor.

How do I choose the right material for outdoor animal statues?

Selecting the right material for your outdoor animal statues is crucial for their durability. We often recommend materials like bronze, stone, or heavy-duty resin as they withstand the elements and maintain their appearance over time.

What are some creative ways to display animal statues in my garden?

To creatively display animal statues, consider positioning them to create a sense of interaction, such as a flock of birds around a birdbath or a squirrel near a tree base. Use these statues to enhance your garden space's natural flow and focal points.

Where can I find life-size animal statues for outdoor use?

You can find life-size animal statues at specialty garden stores, online retailers, or by commissioning from local artists. Ensure the statue suits the scale of your space and is designed for outdoor use.

What should I consider when purchasing animal garden statues for my backyard?

Consider the theme of your garden, the size of the area, and the meaning behind the animal statues, as some animals may represent specific qualities such as wisdom or power, adding a layer of symbolism to your garden.

How can I ensure the stability of my garden statues against weather conditions?

To ensure stability, anchor your statues on a solid base such as a concrete platform, use stabilizing stakes, and choose statues with a broad base to prevent tipping. Regularly inspect and maintain the statues to guarantee their steadiness against wind and rain.

Are there any care or maintenance tips for preserving outdoor garden animal statues?

For maintenance, regularly clean your statues with gentle soap and water, apply UV-protectant sprays on resin statues to prevent fading, and consider using a sealant to stone statues to protect them from moisture. Ensure you follow any care instructions specific to the material of your statues to preserve their detail and beauty.

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