Small Birdbaths

Adding a birdbath to your yard or garden is the perfect way to start enjoying your outdoor living space more. You don't have to be into bird watching to appreciate every time an enchanting blue jay lands and takes a quick bath. Everyone one in your family will relish these moments when nature shows its true beauty. These features keep you relaxed, intrigued and entertained. You children will never bore of wondering who the next feathered visitor may be.


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    Kyoto Birdbath - Soothing Company
    Kyoto Cast Stone Birdbath - Soothing Company
    Kyoto Cast Stone Birdbath
    Yin Yang Pedestal Birdbath - Soothing Company
    Yin Yang Pedestal Birdbath
    Oslo Birdbath - Large - Soothing Company
    Oslo Birdbath - Large
    Oslo Cast Stone Birdbath - Soothing Company
    Oslo Birdbath
    Mano Birdbath - Soothing Company
    Mano Cast Stone Birdbath
    Oslo Birdbath - Medium - Soothing Company
    Oslo Birdbath - Medium