5 Reasons to Add Water Fountains to Your Waiting Room

Chances are pretty good that you have spent time in a waiting room of some sort. You know that your brain tends to become more obsessed with each passing minute with how long you have sat there and all the other things you could be doing.

Suddenly you are more aware of how obnoxious fax machines and office chatter are, and the dry air in the room really starts getting to you. Water fountains can turn that scenario completely around so you are no longer focusing on the time. They are a great addition to your office setting and its always a smart option to add a water fountain to small spaces.

Solitude River Wall Fountain With Logo

Here are some of the reasons why you need a water fountain installed in your waiting room:

1. Welcoming – It does not matter if you have a medical practice, law office, or a waiting room for your service department at a car dealership, you need a piece of art that is welcoming. No one likes the idea of walking into a waiting room.

Plus, if there are already people there, and they all turn around to look at you, it can be very uncomfortable. Wall fountains are welcoming, and they create a focal point, so rather than noticing everyone looking at you, you notice a beautiful piece of art.

2. Moisture – Waiting rooms are generally dry because there is usually heat or air conditioning being used to keep the space at a consistent temperature. Wall fountains constantly add just a bit of moisture to the air to make the space more comfortable. No one wants to sit in a room where their skin feels instantly dry.

3. Noise Barrier – People in your waiting room don’t want to hear workers talking or fax machines in the office and they certainly do not want to hear a drill at the dentist or a child crying as they get a shot from the doctor. Although wall fountains may not block the noise entirely, they will help mask it considerably.

4. Soothing – Waiting typically makes people anxious and on edge, which means that by the time they are taken care of, they are often near their snapping point. Wall water features create a soothing environment and relieve stress in a workplace through its calming waters. Instead of them being stressed, they will be calm, which is obviously healthier and a lot more pleasant. 

5. Memorable – If you thrive on referrals, you will appreciate that a wall fountain in a waiting room can be fantastic marketing took, especially if you add your logo. Can you just imagine your business logo on a Summit Falls Wall Fountain? People will be talking about it, and your logo will be forever chiseled in their minds.

If you are planning to add a water fountain in your waiting room or other parts of your office, various types of Indoor Water Fountains can be ideal especially for small footprints. The calming feature makes the hectic days more relaxed. Add a water feature in your office now and accentuate your waiting room for your guests.