Are Wall Fountains a Smart Option for a Small Space?

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When you think of wall fountains do you picture just a massive piece of brilliant art? Perhaps you saw one in a business with a logo on it once, and you have been intrigued ever since. It is natural to see these significant pieces and instantly fall in love. However, it is also pretty common to assume that these particular water features are only appropriate for larger homes. This is absolutely not true. You may be quite surprised, but wall-mounted fountains are perfect for small rooms, as well. 

Regal Falls Marble Wall Fountain

Variety of Sizes

If you browse the selection we have at Soothing Company you will probably find that the selection is far more significant than you likely expected to find. We offer wall water fountains in every size, finish, and style imaginable. So, if your room is quite small, you can stick with one of our more polite-sized products. Our Classic Quarry Nojoqui Falls is a popular pick. Plus, its vertical design will help add height to a room.

Requires No Floor Space

It is quite surprising that so many people assume these pieces are for large rooms when the fact that they take up zero floor space makes them the best piece of art you can have in a room short on floor space. You will not have to move any furniture pieces out of the room to accommodate one, nor will you have to be scared that someone will trip over it.

Make Your Room Appear Larger

You are probably thinking that there is no way a wall water fountain is going to magically increase the square footage of your matchbox-sized residence, right? Well, obviously, it is not going to physically change the size of your room, but if you choose the right piece, it can help make your room at least appear larger.

Mirror reflects, which naturally makes space appear larger. Its three-dimensional display brings depth to the room. Plus, if you are able to position it where it will receive natural light during the day, the sun’s rays will reflect while also turning the water into a rainbow of colors.

It should be noted that the mirror does not have to be silver like you are probably imaging. Here at Soothing Company, we have the Bellezza Wall Fountain Bronze Mirror and Ancient Stone that gives you all the same great benefits of a silver mirror, but in a unique and intriguing bronze finish.