Types of Indoor Fountains

The great thing about decorating with indoor fountains is that you can never have too many of them. This is good news considering it is nearly impossible to pick only one! Water features transform your indoor living space into a welcoming and calming environment. They provide the air with needed moisture, and they can even drown out excessive noise coming from the neighbor. If you are just beginning your adventure to find the perfect one for your space, then you will want to become familiar with the different varieties of indoor water fountains. Go ahead and pick out a few; you will end up starting a collection anyway.

 Harmony River Marble Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted


 Floor Fountains

These fountains traditionally make a huge impact on a room. Not only are some a significant size, you simply don’t see them every day, so they are viewed as being special. Many people do not even know that these pieces of art are made in this style, so when they see them for the first time, they feel their heart start beating a little faster. This is how many of your guests will feel when they see the one in your home for the first time.


Some floor water features are rear-mounted, so they rest against a wall. Others are center-mounted, and can be placed anywhere because they offer a stunning display from any angle.

Wall Fountains

Every day an increasing number of people are trading in their expensive wall art for one of these fountains. Nothing creates a more dynamic focal point that a wall-mounted water fountain. Since they are at eye level, you instantly see them upon entering a room. They give your eyes a place to come to rest and immediately provide you with a peaceful environment.

Wall Fountains are available in vertical and horizontal varieties, in many different sizes and materials. Slate, marble and mirror are quite popular, especially with copper trim.



Tabletop Fountains

You do not need an empty wall or extra floor space to be able to enjoy the benefit of cascading water; tabletop fountains can be placed anywhere. These charming pieces of art can find their place in every room of your home, and will perch politely on a table, entertainment center, shelving, counter, etc. Some people even choose to place their smaller varieties on the floor. They can create a magical look when surrounded by lush green leaves from a cluster of surrounding plants. These water features are surprisingly inexpensive and can be found online for well under $100.