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Art Wall Fountains

Art wall fountains are meant to inspire the onlooker. These unique wall fountains are for the brave enthusiast and truly make a statement on how your personality affects the living space. These beautiful indoor wall fountains make for great décor in the office or home. All art wall fountains found in our catalog are great pieces of work. The Soothing Company tries to push the boundaries of fountain design to produce new and innovative fountains.


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Waterfall fountains allow for many different artistic styles to be displayed. Art wall fountains showcase your imagination and personal flair. These impressive models come in many different styles, designs, and shapes. Guest will be in awe at the artistic design of your water features. They will also enjoy the relaxing sounds coming from the fountain. It’s always best to personalize your space and adding an art wall fountain is one of the best ways to accomplish this task. You can even create custom dimensions for a more custom fountain.

Say Goodbye to Splash 

The fountains offered by the Soothing Company are all splash resistant. The art wall fountain is an elegant piece that comes with the splash-resistant feature integrated into its design. These fountains will always be safe to be around and make for great décor on their own. It’s perfectly fine to stand near the fountains without worry of slipping. Its normal for fountains to lose water after periods of time. This is the only concern when owning a wall fountain. Make sure to keep the water in the basin leveled and the unit will perform for many years to come.

Safety is a top priority for this manufacturer and splash resistant is the best way to ensure safety. All the fountains offered are splash-resistant. To prevent an unsafe situation, it’s important to purchase the unit from a reliable source. The Soothing Company is a trusted company that makes providing high-quality fountains its business.

The Perfect Fountain 

All the fountains The Soothing Company offers are durable and meant to last the test of time. Our units are made to finish and match your decor and dimensions. Each unit, including the large wall fountains, is inspected upon completion to ensure its quality. All our units preserve their value after purchase because of the durability of the fountain. They have garnished a reputation as the best. The Soothing Company is one of the premier companies in the market place. They continue to provide the most reliable and best-built fountains available.

More Selection  

The catalog we offer has an abundance of selections. With the right piece, your indoor space will come to life. The great news is, our catalog will offer a piece that fits your décor. Having a variety is always a good thing when shopping for your home. There are multiple pieces worth going over. Below we will go over a few units we offer to help you narrow your selection down.

Sunset Water Wall Fountain 

This unit has a fantastic back panel that shows a sunset in the background. This piece has a lot of colors with a full design in the back panel. The border looks amazing and makes for a great choice when looking to capture a piece of nature in the office or home. This fountain offers some of the best scenery found on any wall unit. An art wall fountain is a great option for making statements and impressing guests.

La Luna Wall Fountain 

This unit has the moon painted on the back panel, this impressive piece is has a simple feel. The smooth flow of the water is continual and doesn't disturb the painting. The ripple effects are painted into the back panel. This allows for the illusion of rippled water, but the image remains still. The best art wall fountain has a unique design that matches decor with its simplicity such as the La Luna wall fountain.

Ex Nihilo Wall Fountain 

The image on the Ex Nihilo Fountain is a great piece worth mentioning. Its simplicity is in the design. The picture in the back panel is like our planet with space around a truly simple piece that can inspire anyone. This piece is smaller than some of the others mentioned on this list and still offers a fantastic artistic appeal. The picture is just right and will always impress guests. A good piece to try if your inspiring enthusiasts.

Soothing Company 

The Soothing Company is a fantastic company with years of experience in manufacturing popular fountains. The dedicated team of professionals that create these units, showcase their artistic value. Each piece mentioned has a unique design, whether it be simple or more illustrious. The best catalog on the market belongs to The Soothing Company. Contact us today to start the process of owning your very own fountain.