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Mirror Floor Fountains

Mirror Floor fountains are the perfect accompaniment to any home or office. A home is not just a place to live in; it’s a place where you should feel that you belong. Floor fountains are a great way to add soothing elements to any space and reflect the business or lifestyle you want to portray. The Soothing Company can help you find the perfect water feature for any space.


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Having a mirror floor fountain in your home may seem like an extravagance to some, but it doesn’t have to be as we have indoor fountains for any budget. No matter your budget, indoor fountains are some of the best décor to invest in. Mirror water fountains are a magnificent addition to any home, made out of the best materials and looking simply divine with intricate patterns and colors. The fountains we make are not simple objects created to look good in a space; they are works of art made from precise work. We have designs that can brighten up any space.

The sound of the flow of water can be soothing and enchanting. The look of all our water fountains is second to none and our mirror floor fountains are no exception. The shimmer of the water will attract the eyes of everyone in the room, the design of our mirror floor fountains will amaze you and the variety of styles we have to offer will astound you.

We have a marvelous variety of styles to choose from for your mirror floor water wall needs. Anything that your imagination can think of we can either provide from our range or you can simply talk to us and we will be happy to make your dream mirror floor fountain a reality. We have large water walls that create a unique look and a very soothing sound on the ears; we also have mirror floor fountains that cascade down the water wall of the fountain itself in a poetic and gentle fashion. We have a dedicated team of artisans creating new glass floor fountains all the time using their imagination and creativity to create the very best and most unique styles imaginable. They are also incredibly safe with low voltage and splash-free.

Imagine having a water feature in your sitting room, a dull wall suddenly becomes alive. We have mirror floor fountains to suit any budget so you can’t lose. If you don't want a reflective surface, another great alternative is a glass floor fountain. Give yourself and your home the chance to reach its full potential; look at our selection of mirror floor fountains and imagine what it would feel to have one in your own home. The Soothing Company can provide any mirror floor water features that you desire simply contact us and we will be glad to help you with your mirror floor fountain needs. If you wish for any particular fountain then we at The Soothing Company are always ready to provide it.