Mirror Floor Fountains

Mirror Floor fountains are the perfect accompaniment to any home or office. A home is not just a place to live in; it’s a place where you should feel that you belong. Floor fountains are a great way to add soothing elements to any space and reflect the business or lifestyle you want to portray. The Soothing Company can help you find the perfect water feature for any space.


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    Harmony River (Flush Mounted Towards Rear Of The Base) - Silver Mirror - Stainless Steel - Soothing Company
    Harmony River Mirror Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted
    Tranquil River (Flush Mounted Towards Rear Of The Base) - Rainforest Green Marble - Antique Bronze - Soothing Walls
    Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted
    Bantam River Floor Fountain - Soothing Company
    Bantam River Floor Fountain