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Glass Floor Fountains

Glass floor fountains are a great option for any home or office. They are unique in the way that the pattern of the water is given an extra touch of distinction when it flows across the surface. Unlike cast stone wall fountains, glass fountains give the illusion of water flowing down both sides of the feature. A house must be your own, a unique world away from the chaos and noise of the outside, a refuge that you can turn to in good and bad times. indoor fountains can calm even the most hectic of environments.


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Glass floor fountains should be a vital part of your sanctuary, the sound of the water flowing will soothe you, the sight of the glass floor fountain will dazzle you, and who knows maybe you’ll become lost in the moment as you gaze upon your fountain. To make them even more personal, you can customize them to turn them into a logo floor fountain. This isn’t about how much color and variety is in our glass floor fountains it is about what you want from a fountain, what you want to turn your home into a refuge.

Our glass floor fountains provide a unique feel to your home because each one is unique as they are all made in a different way. Glass floor fountains are safe to use due to the safety features that have been installed; the self-contained environment we have created ensures that the fountain is splash-free so your electrics and floor are perfectly safe.

Our glass floor fountains are designed by a skilled team of artisans who put everything they have into their craft, sometimes it’s hard for us to drag them away from a project even when it is finished. That dedication really pays dividends in the style and designs of our glass floor fountains that we can pass onto you. Each fountain is made with great care so that your fountain maintenance is as easy as possible.

Our varieties of indoor fountains are suitable for any budget and will not cost the earth to pay for. If you want a home designed so that it that can become your sanctuary, then a glass floor fountain is the way to go. If you have any particular design in mind for your own home or business then please with your idea and we will be happy to assist you with a custom fountain. The Soothing Company only wishes you to have the best that we can offer and all we can offer is the best.