Glass floor fountains are a great option for any home or office. They are unique in the way that the pattern of the water is given an extra touch of distinction when it flows across the surface. Unlike cast stone wall fountains, glass fountains give the illusion of water flowing down both sides of the feature. A house must be your own, a unique world away from the chaos and noise of the outside, a refuge that you can turn to in good and bad times. indoor fountains can calm even the most hectic of environments.

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    Harmony River-Center Mount-Clear Glass-Blackened Copper- Soothing Company
    Harmony River Floor Fountain - Center Mount
    Mega Grandeur - Clear Glass - Blackened Copper - Soothing Company
    Mega Grandeur Center Mount Floor Fountain
    Tranquil River - Center Mount - Rustic Copper Trim and Clear Glass - Soothing Walls
    Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Center Mounted
    Grandeur River (Centered In Base) - Clear Glass - Stainless Steel - Soothing Company
    Grandeur River Floor Fountain
    Grandeur River Floor Fountain with Logo - Soothing Walls
    Grandeur River Floor Fountain with Logo
    Bantam River Floor Fountain - Soothing Company
    Polished Pebbles - Soothing Company
    Bantam River Floor Fountain