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Slate Floor Fountains

Slate floor fountains are made of high quality stone made to endure and shine no matter what the elements throw at it. Slate materials have been made to make roof tiles, floor tiles and even gravestones because of the sheen and strength of the material. That's why slate makes a great surface material for both floor fountains and wall fountains.


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Our slate floor fountains benefit from the durability and the shine of this remarkable stone. Slate floor fountains are elegant, sleek, and durable, all at once adding a distinct flavor to your home. They are the supreme wall water feature with a variety of indoor water fountains or water features designs that are second to none.

We have various brands and types available for all your slate floor fountain needs. A variety of colors and styles are available to create various impressions that make a fantastic addition to any home. Having a slate water fountain as an indoor or outdoor fountain at your home is the ultimate expression of uniqueness and style. Just imagine how much your living room will be changed with a fabulous indoor water feature sitting there creating an impression of beauty and style. Slate floor water features have a wide variety of designs and styles that can fit right into any interior design you have, but they're also self-contained to ensure there are no splashing issues. Our slate floor fountains are low voltage so the electric bill is not greatly affected by your use of this magnificent water feature within your own home. If you have a concern about the voltage of your slate floor fountain then examine the specifications or simply ask us and we will be happy to talk to you.

Our team of skilled artisans have worked hard to create the very best slate floor fountains you can possibly have. Our range of designs are all handmade, and best of all they are made from the heart our artisans have poured into making these slate floor fountains for you. Customize your fountain with a logo for an even more personalized look.

Harmony River Slate Floor Fountain 

This floor fountain is a fantastic option for those looking to get the river feel in the home or office. The sounds this fountain makes are hard to match. The fountain is great at producing a natural sound that can't be distinguished from the real thing. Personalize it to your style and bring the soothing sound of water flow to your home. Select from stone, mirror or a glass floor fountain.

Tranquil River Slate Floor Fountain 

These units are one meant for relaxation and soothing sounds. A peaceful piece that makes for a great choice for everyone. This unit is good for inspiring enthusiasts and makes for a great fountain for those looking from tranquil sounds. The fountain is designed for the purpose of relaxation and looks great in the home and office and comes in a variety of materials like mirror or glass fountains. Tranquil river floor fountain is the option for calmer people looking for tranquility.

Splash Resistant 

Splash Resistant fountains are a standard we take pride in, and these standards continue to lead to the development of safe products. All the slate floor fountains offered by The Soothing Company are splash resistant fountains. The fountains produce only soothing sounds, and this allows for enjoyment while at close proximity to your fountain.

The safe zone is not required with any of our features. This company is all about customer safety and the splash-resistant fountain eliminates any slip hazards or worries. The best water feature is always purchased from reputable sources. When looking for a slate floor fountain that will last and offers a quality environment this is the perfect manufacturer. Customers know they can rely on The Soothing Company fountains.

The Soothing Company 

The Soothing Company is a proven manufacturer that’s earned they're reputation through sheer creativity in the fountain industry. Slate floor fountains are available in abundance thanks to the endless amount of waterfall fountain options provided. This has allowed The Soothing Company to amass one of the best collections of water feature available. Make the best decision for your indoor décor and contact The Soothing Company to find the unit that best matches your personality.