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Slate Wall Fountains

Wall fountains have been evolving since ancient times and slate wall fountains are a true masterpiece. Nature is the source of inspiration with these timeless classics. Unlike mirror wall fountains, the slate fountains will use all natural stones to blend well in more natural settings. The selection we offer is one of a kind and you will always find the best prices at The Soothing Company.


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Waterfalls are a marvel of nature. These enchanting spaces are also used for meditation and relaxation. This all can be had, and it can provide the marvel and comfort of being near to waterfall by adding a water feature to your home. The slate wall fountains have the smooth flow of water that brings life to its design.

Splash Resistant 

All slate wall water features undergo inspection in detail to ensure all the units are splash resistant. Unlike traditional outdoor concrete or stone fountains, indoor slate fountains are made to prevent oversplash. The integrity of the unit is never compromised with splash resistant features. On the contrary, the units are more durable due to the advantages in design. There is never a need for a splash zone around our fountains. You can enjoy slate wall fountains at close range.

To ensure safety the best option is to purchase from reliable manufacturers such as The Soothing Company. It’s about maintaining the highest standard for your garden. This unit delivers both quality and safety.

Durable Design 

The best design is built for elegance and durability. The best indoor fountains are strong enough to stand against the test of time. Slate wall fountains are tough but sleek and typically used for office and other indoor locations. Your slate wall fountain can last decades indoors and most will come with a 1 year limited manufacturer's fountain warranty. Here they can reach maximum usage.

The Soothing Company is focused on making reliable products and durability is the goal. Buy one of our units and begin to enjoy the benefits of a slate wall fountain from fit to finish. The fountain of your choice will match your décor and prove to be a staple in your home.

More Selection 

One design is never enough so we offer one of the most extensive collections of slate wall fountains available. Indoor décor is always evolving and so is our catalog to ensure we can accommodate every style of indoor design. There are many popular styles to choose from, you can even get a logo fountain for a more customized look.

Whispering Creek Slate Wall Fountain 

This unit is perfect for the living room and office space. The fountain flows with a wonderful stream of water that provides relaxing sounds. The majestic looks help ease clients in the office who happen to gaze at the fountain. The sleek design ensures the maximum space usage.

Olympus Slate Wall Fountain 

This fountain is named after the famed Olympus mountain home of the ancient Greek gods. As the name implies grandeur the fountain is of the larger sizes when dealing with slate fountains. This fountain is almost man-sized and can be used in larger offices and even walkways of a skyscraper. It is also available as a beautiful marble fountain for even more added elegance.

Regal Falls Slate Wall Fountain 

The Regal Falls Slate wall fountain is an outstanding piece with decorative bold black outlining and golden based background. This high-end design is well suited to make a lasting impression. The flow of water is smooth along the background of the design, accompanied by delighting flowing water sounds.

Summit Falls Slate Wall Fountain 

The unit is more of a traditional wall style where it’s a longer unit that consumes space vertically. This wall fountain is as the name implies it’s the summit falls fountain. The fountains are taller and allow the water stream to travel longer distances. This makes the water produce bubble sounds that never break melody.

Lighted Design 

The best way to enjoy your fountain whenever is to make sure you have a lighting design. All our water features have LED lighting options that run cool. These lights are energy efficient an keep the cost down. A lighted design is perfect for the office environment to ensure enough light and to showcase the fountain itself.

Soothing Company 

The Soothing company is a leader in slate wall fountains. Our extensive catalog has the variety of fountains needed to match any interior decor. Let our staff of trained professional guide you through the selection process. Contact us today.