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Mirror Wall Fountains

Mirror wall fountains are a specialty that bring together convenience and class all in a waterfall fountain. Now you can have both pieces united in one with a mirror wall fountain. The relaxation that comes with these units is the best you can have in the office environment. From large water walls to smaller units, water features are becoming a standard in indoor fountains décor. Waterfall fountains have long been used indoors to show class and style.


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If you’re looking to simulate the soothing effects of a waterfall in your indoor space, a mirror wall fountain is definitely a great choice. These fountains have sleek design paired with the entrancing effect of the sound of flowing water. These units can come in many different shapes sizes and styles. Once a choice is made you can fit your unit to finish and to any décor.

Splash Resistant 

Unlike most outdoor fountains, the indoor fountains we provide are splash resistant and this bonus helps maintain the life of the fountains and maximize the potential use of the fountains. Once the splash level is set the water level will only go lower over time due to evaporation. With this feature, there is no need for a splash zone. With no proximity limit, you can pull up a chair next to the fountain and enjoy the sounds of flowing water.

Safety is a focus in our company. As a provider, the aim is ensuring we offer the highest standard of quality at the best price. The combination of both these things leads to a spectacular mirror wall fountain that will entertain you for a lifetime. 

Durable Design 

The best design has the longest life spans and still portrays elegance over time. The units we offer are only the best quality materials proven to stand the test of time. All the mirror fountains we offer can come in different materials. The durability of your fountain depends on the material. All materials used in construction are proven to be tough. This commitment we take towards acquiring only the best material for the customer is a testament to our durability.

More Selection  

With so many indoor fountains to choose from there no short supply of variety. The mirrored wall fountain comes in many different designs and styles. This allows for choice when browsing through our catalog and searching for the right fit. If one of our standard units isn't right for you, you can also create a custom fountain to get the perfect feature for you. You will always find a fountain that fits your every need when shopping with The Soothing Company.

Aspen Falls Mirror Wall Fountain 

The aspen fountain is named after one of the premier ski resorts in the world. There also happen to be one of the most majestic ice waterfalls. This piece is best suited for high-end offices and makes the best unit to fit behind a reception's desk. The one-piece units split down the middle to have two mirrors in one unit. It makes is a great piece for those who pass by.

Deep Creek Falls Mirror Wall Fountain 

This unit is a large piece that has three mirrors. That allows this unit to be a great fit for skyscrapers because it can be used in in the walkway of buildings. Still, the unit is not too large to be used in the normal office setting. The unit is energy efficient and can last decades without accumulating many costs.

Calming Waters Mirror Wall Fountain 

This 4’-foot fountain is a straight design with elegance wrapped around the frame. The majestic blend of gold and rustic copper helps make this piece look like a mirror from a fairy tale. This waterfall makes a great sound to go along with its unique look, the flowing water flows over the mirror.

Cottonwood Falls Mirror Wall Fountain 

Another larger unit with a lot to showcase in style and design. This model is all white and comes with rocks in the basin. This allows the water to break when it gets to the bottom which provides the relaxing splashing sound. This fountain has two mirrors and the water is barely interrupted when flowing over the background. Like other larger water features, this unit is energy efficient.

Lighted Design 

Fountain accessories are a great way to improve your feature. These fountains can be enjoyed at any hour due to the integration of LED lights in the unit. These lights can run for more the 24 hours uninterrupted and have no worry of overheating. The lighted fountains are great for office space with low lighting. Other units come with advertising on the mirrors and the lighting helps display your message to your clients.

Soothing Company 

Soothing Company is a dedicated company and the industry leader in mirrored wall fountains. We have one of the most extensive catalogs. Our staff of professionals are more than ready to handle any question or assist in the process of finding the right fountain. Call us today.