Whether you are looking for a new fountain for your garden or a rain barrel so you can be a little more earth-friendly this year, you are sure to find exactly what you need here at the Soothing Company. We carry an extensive line of products that will transforn your outdoor living space into an inviting, comfortable, and tranquil oasis.

• Barbeque Grills - Although grills are typically associated with summer fun, some of the styles we have will inspire you to use them year-round. We even have all the accessories you need to protect your investment.

• Birdbaths - Inviting feathered friends to your yard to drink and bathe is good for them, and it brings some living art to your space. We carry birdbaths in an array of styles and price ranges so you can afford to scatter a few around.

• Garden Planters - The planters we have are exquisite enough to stand along as art. We also have starter kits that include everything you need to begin growing.

• Garden Statuary - Just like in your home, garden statuary puts the finishing touch on any space they occupy. These are unexpected pieces of art that often demand a second glance from guests.

• Hammocks - Every person should have access to a hammock that they can nap on in the fresh air. Here at Soothing Company we have them available in rope, quilted, and fabric varieties. We also carry essential accessories, such as stands, pillows, and hanging kits.

• Canvas Art - Many people overlook adding outdoor canvas art to their deck or patio. These pieces create dynamic focal points. We carry them in an array of themes, including beach, architecture, flowers, seasons, landscapes, rivers and streams, trees, wilderness, and wildlife.

• Covers - It is important to protect your investment to keep items looking their best and lasting as long as possible. We offer covers for patio furniture, ATVs, cars and trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, RVs, and snowmobiles.

• Fireplaces - Whether you are looking for a classic fire pit or a contemporary fire table, you are sure to find what you need here to make your space warm and inviting. We even have portable tabletop varieties that can be enjoyed outdoors and indoors. Our Metropolitan Table Top Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace is a great example.

• Furniture - When ordinary pieces just will not do, you will browse our selection of chairs, benches, and tables. We even have something for the little ones in your life.

• Rugs - That hot deck or patio demands that you wear shoes and it can be painful for your pet to stand on too. Outdoor rugs add a finishing touch, and are welcoming to toes and paws.

• Water Fountains - Every outdoor space need some type of wall feature. These beneficial pieces of art create a focal point and promote a tranquil atmosphere.

• Patio Heaters - Do not be forced indoors when the temperatures dip a little. We have patio heaters for every space, including halogen, infrared, propane, table, wall-mounted, and commercial varieties.

• Umbrellas - Your deck, patio, or pool area will be so much more comfortable with a little shade. We stock umbrellas in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

• RocLok Hide A Key - If you have every locked yourself out, or wished your neighbor had a key to let your dog out when you are stuck at work, you will appreciate the RocLok Hide a Key that we have in stock.

• Rain Barrels - If you strive to conserve water, then you will love how easy rain barrels makes it to use what nature provides.

• Solar Lights - Adding light to your landscaping makes it safer and less attractive to thieves. You do not need to deal with electrical wiring though; our solar selection is powered by the sun. Also, check out our very unique accessories, like our Atmosphere Bowl, which is perfect for entertaining.


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