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When it comes to finding the perfect fireplace for your home or office you should only trust the most reputable brands. When you shop well-known manufacturers you benefit in a couple of different ways. You are more likely to receive a high-quality fireplace from an established manufacturer. Additionally, you can always find replacement parts, pieces, and accessories. The Soothing Company offers all of the top fireplace brands you are looking for, all at affordable prices you can appreciate.

Finding a reputable fireplace manufacturer is easier than ever. The Soothing Company offers a huge selection of top fireplace manufacturers to keep your home looking stunning. In most instances, your fireplace is going to be a focal point I the room. Avoid receiving a subpar unit by sticking to only the best. Below are a couple of factors to consider when trying to find the right fireplace for you.

Safety First

The first thing to consider when shopping fire feature manufacturers is safety. Reputable manufacturers put their products through an intensive safety inspection to ensure that all items are up to standard. When you go with a no-name fireplace manufacturer, you may pay less for our unit, but you are also forgoing some of these important precautions.

 Owning fireplace is awesome, but there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind. The quality of the materials used in the construction of your fire feature is important. Cheap materials used in the construction process can result in a fireplace that doesn't hold up over time. Normal wear and tear can become a problem when you are using a fireplace built with shabby craftsmanship.

Picking the Right Style of Fireplace

Picking the right style of fireplace can seem like a choir but with a little research, you can easily decide what flame feature to go with. You will want to consider where you plan to install your fireplace before making the decision on what type of unit fits your scenario. Below are the most popular types of fireplaces offered today.


Electric fireplaces are very popular with homeowners around the world. These units are easy to install and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Electric fireplaces are easy to light and many even include a remote control to take your fireplace experience to the next level. Electric fireplaces are excellent for apartments as many feature a vent-less design.


Gas fireplaces provide you with real flames and ample heat when you need it most. These units were more popular in the past but because they require the running of gas lines, their installation can be more expensive than ethanol or gel alternatives. Gas fireplaces offer push-button start and can keep you warm all night.


Gel burns clean and doesn't require you to run ventilation ducting to the device. This is a huge advantage when compared to gas or traditional fireplace arrangements. Both of which can costs thousands to install because of the need for a chimney or exhaust vent. Additionally, Gel fireplaces won't stain your clothes or furniture.


Bioethanol fireplaces are the next step in the evolution of flame features. These devices burn clean like gel fireplaces. This means you can use your bioethanol fireplace anywhere. There are even tabletop designs available. Another great feature about bioethanol is the fact that it is made completely from natural ingredients. Sugars are fermented to create the fuel. You can keep your house feeling comfy and help keep the rest of the planet looking great also.

Electric Flame Inserts

Electric flame effect fireplaces produce real heat but without the need for real flames. Instead, these units provide realistic flame features. You get a bunch of added functions with these types of flame features including a wireless remote, adjustable flame, and heat.


LED flame effect fireplaces go one step further by allowing you to change the color of the flame. You can switch between rainbow assortments of color combinations until you find the perfect fit for your mood. These units produce real heat from a heater located behind the flame effects. You can chill out to some blue flames while listening to your favorite tunes with this style of fireplace.

The Soothing Difference

Nobody has a better selection of reputable fireplace providers than we do. Our expert staff can guide you through our extensive catalog of fireplaces and help you to find the flame effect you desire. It’s time to take your homes decor to the next level with a fireplace from The Soothing Company.

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Anywhere Fireplaces