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Eco-Feu has grown to be one of the most trusted names in fire features since its establishment in 2008. This North American fireplace manufacturer has established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the business. Based in Montreal, Canada, this firm is no stranger to the chilly weather and this may be one of the reasons that this company has managed to produce a strong line of fire features that continue to grow in popularity.


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 Eco-Feu has created a legacy around its quality and commitment to its customers. This international fire feature manufacturer is sure to see continued growth over the coming years as they continue to deliver on their promise to provide the world with a cleaner alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. By providing homeowners with an eco-friendly alternative, Eco-Feu has managed to carve out a niche in the marketplace and every day new homeowners are discovering the advantages this company brings to the marketplace.


Eco-Feu leads the pack in terms of innovative concepts and few manufacturers have the ability to continuously upgrade their products to the newest technology like this ingenuitive firm. The design team of Eco-feu works tirelessly to bring new and more sustainable options to the market and every month new and more creative fire features are added to this company's already impressive catalog of products. This commitment to innovation is part of what makes Eco-Feu one of the best in the business.


Unlike traditional wall mounted fireplace or gas burning alternatives, Eco-feu has decided to focus on safe sustainable fire products. Through the use of eco-friendly ethanol fuel, this company has managed to create a product line of truly sustainable options. Homeowners are growing more aware of the dangers of harmful smoke and this is the reason so many fireplaces are not used today. Homeowners are tired of stained drapes and smelly clothes and Eco-Fue is stepping up to give them the options they deserve.