Ethanol Fireplaces

The Soothing Company offers top-quality ethanol fireplaces that are guaranteed to satisfy in any home or business space. Browse our wide selection of ethanol fireplaces and find the fire feature that best fits your style. You can enjoy an ethanol fireplace from just about anywhere and our selection of fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from wall and floor fireplaces, all the way down to small tabletop options.

Any fireplace feature you choose is sure to transform and elevate your space. A wall fireplace can add character to and brighten any vacant wall space. Free-standing floor fireplaces are a unique design and sure to be a crowd-pleaser for your clients and guests. Don’t leave out the versatility and conversation that a tabletop fireplace can bring! 

Make sure to stop by and get your fireplace accessories, which include the inserts and bioethanol fuel for your fireplace. 

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Ethanol fireplaces provide users with some unique functionality. These devices offer home owners a portable option to consider when deciding on their next purchase. Ethanol fireplaces come in a variety of sizes ranging from large stand-alone units, all the way down to handheld portable options. You are always sure to find the perfect ethanol fireplace at The Soothing Company. Our selection is unmatched and our commitment to quality has helped our firm grow into one of the largest ethanol fireplace providers in the country. Browse our endless selection and get the fire feature that fits your decor perfectly.

What is Bio Ethanol?

Bio ethanol fuel is created from fermented sugars and sustainable plant sources. These natural ingredients burn clean. This eco-friendly option doesn't release harmful toxins into your living space like traditional fireplaces. You can enjoy a bio ethanol fireplace almost anywhere.

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are the smart choice for both home owners and renters. These real flame devices provide you with all the enchantment of a traditional fireplace without all of the mess. Stop ruining your furniture and health by switching to a bio ethanol fireplace today.

Quality Construction

Every bio ethanol fireplace offer by the Soothing Company undergoes an intensive quality check to ensure that only the most reliable products are offered to our customers. Not sure what type of fireplace you need? That’s no problem. Our trained fireplace professionals can help you to dial in the features and style you need to complete you home's decor. We are dedicated to keeping your home looking great and feeling comfortable all year around.

Bio Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

Bio Ethanol wall fireplaces provide homeowners with fire feature option that is perfectly suited for homes with pets or small children. These fire features keep your fireplace out of the reach of curious little ones. Bio ethanol wall fireplaces transform vacant wall space into the optimum conversation starter. Wall fireplaces are low profile and can be placed on any open wall with ease, making them ideal for most locations. 

Bio Ethanol Floor Fireplaces

Few decor items can compare to the statement of elegance portrayed by a bio ethanol floor fireplaces like the Ignis Spectrum. These units come in a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. Your guest will marvel at their modern design that features real flames. These free standing fire places can make any room the perfect entertainment zone. Browse our huge selection to find a bio ethanol floor fireplace to fit your decor needs.

Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces

What if you want to enjoy a fireplace but live in a small apartment or don't have any wall or floor space available? That’s easy, try one of our unique tabletop ethanol fireplaces and start enjoying the soothing effects of real flames anywhere. Tabletop fireplaces are among the fastest growing sectors in fireplaces because of their extreme portability and ease of use. Like the Metropolitan Tabletop Fireplace, you can take your fireplace with you no matter where you are going. 

Bio Ethanol Inserts

Bio ethanol fireplaces function through the use of inserts. These small metal canisters hold the bio ethanol that your fireplace burns to provide you with real flames. Not all bio ethanol is the same and you can find that your fireplace isn't providing you with the type, style, or intensity of flames you desire. The Soothing Company offers high-quality bio ethanol inserts to fit our wide selection of fire features. Contact us today to keep your fireplace burning clean and your guests smiling.


Bio ethanol fireplace users are privy to a wide selection of accessories. You can customize your order to get the fireplace of your dreams. The Soothing Company provides you with the largest selection of bio ethanol fireplace accessories available. Our catalog includes realistic burning logs, crystals, lava rocks, and much more. Contact one of our certified sales representatives to get help finding the perfect fit for your home or office today.