Customer Reviews and Photos

The Sunrise Spring Slate Wall Fountain is a popular water wall to place above a couch in a family room or

behind a counter in a office setting.  Here is a photo and review of this great water fountain: 

Dear soothing company

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased I was with the purchase of our Water Wall.

From the initial look at your Website, to the exceptional customer service and the ease of installation,

it has all been a great experience.

I’m always concerned about ordering things over the Web, especially items I have never seen, such as

a water wall. I never feel comfortable that I will get the same thing I was looking at. In this case, because

I was able to see actual photographs of the stone I received exactly what I picked out. What a great

idea that was.

The constant contact from Loren was exceptional, not only did he respond quickly to my Emails but was

very accessible by phone too. This gave me piece of mind, along with knowing I have a contact number that

works. As most people know when you order on line you never really know what’s going on until it shows

up at the door.

The installation was made so easy by the video that my 9 year old son helped me with putting some of the

pieces together and the cleaning. The mounting hardware was heavy but easy to manage because of the

center hole that allowed me to make sure it was straight, another great idea.

Once the mounting was up the rest just fell into place. The stone does need 2 adults to lift, but mounts right

on the wall with no problem. There was no trying to hold it with one hand while trying to align, or put on extra

hardware, or move cords,  like most things that mount on the wall require.

Anyway in short thanks Loren and everyone working at Soothing Walls for making this new endeavor so easy.

Mark Zufan


This is a customer review of the Majestic Falls Wall Fountain

Just wanted to follow-up with you on our Majestic Falls wall fountain.  It really looks great…even better than

the website picture.  The copper patina finish is beautiful and the slate colors are outstanding.  We are so glad

we picked this one and size, because it’s a prefect fit above our fireplace.  Everyone that sees it are 

amazed with the appearance and sounds…it is truly a work of art!  .

Thanks for all your help and assistance.


Dennis and Sarah Hoffman


This is a customer review of the Regal Tower Fountain from Henri Studios

As you see from the photo, the fountain is absolutely stunning; it is truly an elegant enhancement to the

front of our house.  The pump mechanism works exactly to the design, and the instructions were accurate

and easy to read (except there was no guide to match the part numbers to the actual pieces)–not too

hard to figure out.

Dick Hirsch


This is a review of Bluworld's Bellezza Wall Fountain

Dear Soothing Company,

I love the Bellezza Wall Fountain, I’m very happy with it!

Earl Sellie


The Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain by Adagio Water Features is one of our most popular water fountains

sold.  Here is a review from a happy customer:

Hello Soothing Company,

We love it!

We have had many compliments and mentioned your website.


Ken Mayes


Here is a photo and review of our popular wall fountain, The Whispering Creek Wall Fountain by

Adagio Water Features:

Whispering Creek Wall Fountain

Hello Soothing Company

Just wanted to let you know…It looks and works Perfect

Here is a picture next to some Xmas Garland and mini lights.

Just need to paint the wall with a tint of earth tone to pick up those great colors in the slate. The white is

OK but a little oomph will be better.

The Bonus! I have to mention this size of unit humidifies our house perfectly and naturally!

(small house –  1500 sq ft). I was actually thinking about installing a humidifier on the furnace but this is

way better…cleaner…I also think that is a great sell feature for this product. I believe you don’t get all

that moisture passing over dust creating bacteria or who knows what in your duct work with a

furnace humidifier.

I don’t mind adding the distilled water. So far about 4 Quarts every 2 days because its dry here

this time of year.

Thank you,

Chris McCaig


This is a review of  Cascade Springs Wall Fountain

The fountain is an excellent addition to our new spa. Patients just love the way it looks and sounds as

they enter the new space. Great product!

Thank you Again!
Stephanie with Auth Chiropractic


This is a review of  Summit Falls Wall Fountain

Love the fountain and installation was fairly simple. Still Really pretty lights create a nice focal point

for our entryway.

Thank you,
Susan Van Valkenburg


This is a review of  Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain

Dear soothing company,

All of our neighbors love it – it’s especially pretty at night. We would recommend your company to

anyone who asks. It really makes our front yard special.

Susie Levin


This is a review of  Mini Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain

Dear Soothing Company,

I wanted to create an altar in my home, and decided that a fountain should be part of that. I find that the fountain

provides a soothing sense of peacefulness and respite at the end of a stressful day. A photo is attached.



This is a review of  Majestic River Wall Fountain with Logo

Majestic River Wall Fountain with Logo


Soothing Company 

I just wanted to drop a note expressing our appreciation for our new Fountain,  we are complimented daily on the

uniqueness and beauty it has brought to our office.

Your professionalism and timely delivery were truly appreciated.  I have attached some photos (they don’t do it

justice), we would be pleased to be contacted as a references. 

Thanks again!

Jamie Perryman

Operations Director

Grove Dental Associates


This is a review of  Wall Fountains

We have three fountains which we purchased from you the ID number for the large fountain is 1376 and for

the 2 small fountain is number 18947 (maybe the invoice number). The two smaller fountains are working

out wonderful – everyone thinks they’re great. The large fountain is the first thing you see in our hallway and

again everyone thinks it is great.

Deborah K. Heffner
Creative Health Services, Inc.


This is a photo and review of  Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain

 Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain




This is a review of Midwest Tropical Water Panel

soothing company,

I own the Midwest Tropical WP-1. The fountain is FANTASTIC. It is the main visual attraction in my basement.

Looks beautiful and has a nice black piano gloss finish to match everything else down here. Everytime I have

people come over their amazed by it because it’s truly very visualy apealing.
Your service was sensational and

the unit arrived quickly and was very well packaged which was a concern to me since I live in Canada. Everything

arrived perfectly fine!

Mike Vieira


This is a review of  Sunrise Springs with Logo

Dear Soothing Company,
We really enjoy our custom logo fountain. It adds a stunning impact to our lobby/entry, and creates a nice

ambiance as well.

You were all both professional and pleasure to deal with.


This is a photo and review of  Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain with Logo and Rajah Featherstone

 Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain with Logo and Rajah Featherstone

Dear Soothing Company
We have had so many compliments on the water fountain. Most of the people comment about how unique it is

along with how soothing the sound is. The installation was much easier then I thought it would be. The

instructions are very clear and the customer service was fantastic on making sure the stone and logo were

done the way I wanted it.
Stress Medics
Overland Park, KS


This is a photo and review of  Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Logo

 Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Logo

Dear Soothing Company

We absolutely love our fountain. It is the focal point to the office upon entering and everyone compliments on

how much they like it. It is of great quality and low maintence. We haven’t had any problems in the year that

we have owned it.

Illinois Spinal Care


This is a photo and review of  Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain


Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain

Dear Sirs.
The fountain is absolutely gorgeous and many visitors comment on its beauty and tranquility. Since we are right

on the ocean one can hear the sound of water from both sides.
Thank you.
Harry J. Crowe


This is a photo and review of  Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Rajah Slate and Copper Trim


Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Rajah Slate and Copper Trim

Dear Soothing Company

We are very satisfied with our wall fountain, very elegant and easy to install. We requested it to be delivered just

in time for the house warming and it arrived the day before. Our friends were really impressed.



This is a review of  Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Brown Marble

Soothing Company

Fountain is gorgeous

Jack & Lucky


This is a review of  Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain with Logo

Our Wall Fountain is a real hit.
Thank you
Eagle Rock Veterinary Hospital


This is a photo and review of  Inspiration Falls with LED lighting

Inspiration Falls with LED lighting

Dear Soothing Company,

This is a picture of my installation of an “Inspiration Falls” wall fountain in a niche I re-worked in our Great Room

for the fountain.


This is a photo and review of  Meadow Outdoor Fountain


Meadow Outdoor Fountain

soothing company
I gave then wall fountain to my wife for Christmas last year. We run it every time we are outside. We have enjoyed

it very much


This is a photo and review of  Sunrise Springs Mirror Surface with Logo

Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain

Working with Soothing Company has been a very stress free process. They have provided excellent customer

service and delivered an outstanding product. The fountain has given that extra touch that our company needed.

We receive compliments everyday from our patients on how beautiful and relaxing it is. We have

recommended Soothing Walls to everyone that has inquired about it. Thank you so much for everything!
True Aesthetics


This is a review of  Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain

The water feature added to the Columbia Gym Atrium has become a centerpiece of discussion and a catalyst

for relaxation. Sitting just to the side of our live indoor palm trees and Internet cafe, the water feature provides a

serene atmosphere for students to study and adults to converse. It has truly been a wonderful addition to our Atrium.
Julie Z. Blackburn
Asst. General Manager Columbia Gym


This is a photo and review of  Meadow Outdoor Fountain


Meadow Outdoor Fountain

Dear Soothing Company,
This is the perfect fountain for our small patio as it sits against a wall without taking up a lot of floor space. We

love the fountain at night since it is lighted and reflects off the gently falling water into the basin. The sound of the

water cascading down the relief of the vines is very relaxing and it is not too loud. Both the design and the

natural coloring of the Meadow fountain make it a great fountain for any décor. Our patio furniture is bronze,

and this fountain looks like it was made to go with it!

Jan Oberhettinger


This is a photo and review of  Custom Floor Fountain

Custom Floor Fountain

We are getting very positive comments from our patients and it brings tranquility to our office.
Dr. Zambito Dentistry


This is a review of Cubist Outdoor Water Fountain

Hi Soothing Company,

I purchased and recieved the #53210SL Cubist Outdoor Water Garden Fountain which the landscaper just installed.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The landscaper created a flagstone patio and the fountain is the perfect complement.

Your online site is easy to navigate which made my selection easy to find. The order was processed, delivered

quickly with out bumps or bruises.

Thank you for excellent service.

Sandee Cohn


This is a photo and review of Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain

Valentino Wall Fountain


Hi Soothing Company,
Our wall mounted waterfall zen is everything I thought it was going to be….the soft sound of the water flowing and

the beautiful slate wall is streams down is wonderful….the outside copper frame is very very nice and is protected

so it won’t rust or colour…we chose a maple syrup colour for the wall that it is mounted on…it looks fabulous…

whenever guests comes over they truly admire it…it is is beautiful…the price was right and shipping it to Canada

was a breeze… thankyou it truly is an exquisite piece of art.
Jeanne Glavac


This is a review of  Waterfall Grande Floor Fountain

Soothing Company,

When I purchased my house in Baton Rouge, it came with the wall fountain built into an office wall. I had every

intention of removing the fountain after converting the office area into a dining area. As it turned out though,

by the time the renovation was completed and the fountain had been cleaned up from drywall dust, mold, mildew,

scum, etc., I had fallen in love with it. Now the free standing wall fountain has become a permanent and loved

fixture in the house. I live alone and the soothing sound and movement of water provides a pleasant break break

from the noises of traffic outside. It is a central feature of the house and always a conversation piece, and

gathering place when entertaining. A perfect fit for my Louisiana lifestyle.

Benjamin Early Ewing
Baton Rouge, LA 70810


This is a photo and review of  Gardenfall Floor Fountain with Silver Mirror

Gardenfall Floor Fountain with Silver Mirror

To Soothing Company

We love our fountain! Everyone that comes in our front door, that is the first thing they see. They just rave over how

beautiful it is!

Jeff Dobbs


This is a review of  Inspiration Falls with Rajah Slate

Dear Soothing Wall
I really enjoy this fountain as it is very relaxing to look at & listen too. I have received many compliments on it as well.

It is a great addition to our home. It is beautiful to look at and really dresses up our house.
Dawn Neese


This is a review of Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain.

Our fountain installed relatively easily. It looks beautiful,
and the sound gives harmony to our house. We only need to find another wall for our second fountain…
We love it.
Anibal & Mercedes de Jesus
Humble, TX


This is a review of  Curves Floor Fountain – Stainless Steel

Hi Soothing Company,

It blended well with my home.
This fountain arrived in no time at all, in perfect condition and blends very well with my contemporary home. Plus

it is quite easy to assemble.

Elvira Lim


This customer bought the Falling Diamonds Corner Water Fountain by Henri Studio.  This fountain is the perfect

water feature for the corner of your patio or garden.  Below is their review:

We purchased a Henri Studios outdoor fountain 4125F.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The service provided by

Soothing Company was outstanding.  They responded to our questions in a timely manner and were very competitive

with their prices.  I recommend Soothing Company highly and the Henri Studios products are outstanding.

Alice in California


This is a photo and review of Falling Diamonds Corner Fountain


The color of the fountain is beautiful as well as the fountain itself.
Leslie Ungerson
Phoenix, AZ


This is a review of  Serrano Floor Fountain and Traverse Floor Fountain


Dear soothing company,

We are really happy with the Serrano Fountain, as well with the Traverse. It
complements our store with the tranquility feeling and it gave it a new look..

Ergo Sleep Systems
Berkeley, CA 94710