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Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Bio ethanol fireplaces have exploded in popularity in recent years. Not all that long ago, they were reserved for yoga studios, high-end spas, and the elite who could afford their high sticker price. Today, manufacturers create these beneficial art pieces in an array of sizes, styles and price ranges, so even the budget-minded consumer can add one to their home. Here at The Soothing Company, we carry a huge selection of wall, floor, and tabletop fireplaces, so there is something here for everyone.

Why Bio Ethanol

If you are not familiar with bio ethanol, then you probably do not understand what all the fuss is about. Bio ethanol is created from fermenting sugars of sustainable plant sources. This is the most environmentally friendly fire you can enjoy. It does not release toxins into the air, nor does it create smoke, so it doesn't compromise the air in your home. These fireplaces are maintenance-free. You pour in the bio fuel and ignite, and you get a hot, realistic flame.

Types of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Wall Fireplaces - Nearly everyone has vacant wall space that could use a little dressing up. Wall fireplaces are mounted at eye level so they instantly become a focal point, no matter where you are in the room. Since they are out-of-the-way of fingers and paws, they are an ideal choice for homes with kids and pets.
• Floor Fireplaces - The bold presence created by these art pieces is unparalleled. These are freestanding units, and although you need a fair amount of space for rectangular ones, there are cube-shaped varieties available that are perfect for smaller spaces. Our Cella Free Standing Floor Indoor Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace is a great example.
Tabletop Fireplaces - Every room of any size can welcome a dancing flame thanks to tabletop fireplaces. Some of these are so compact and lightweight that you can easily carry them outside to enjoy on the patio and then back in again when you are ready to stay indoors for the evening.


Here at The Soothing Company, we offer a one-stop shopping experience, so we have everything you need to enjoy your bio ethanol fireplace. We offer fuel in 6 and 12 packs at very affordable prices. We also carry decorative ceramic logs and lava rocks to create a more realistic look. We even offer inserts that you can use to convert your wood-burning fireplace into a more environmentally friendly one.

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