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Modern Wall Fireplaces

All of the modern wall fireplaces we have here at The Soothing Company have the ability to effortlessly become a vocal point in any room. Although they are captivating while the fire is blazing, they are still exquisite pieces of art when not lit. If you browse our selection, you will see that they are available in an array of sizes, styles, and finishes, so we are sure to have one that will complement your space beautifully whether it is an ethanol or electric wall fireplace.


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All About Modern Wall Fireplaces

Narrowing Down the Selection

With so many wall-mounted fireplaces, you may find yourself forced to use a coin toss for your final decision. Keep in mind that just because you are drawn to one does not mean that it is the perfect one for your space. Determine which wall you are shopping for before you even start looking. This will give you an idea of what size fireplaces you should focus your attention on.

You will also want to consider the current color scheme, décor pieces and theme. You are not required to have a contemporary space to mount a wall-hanging fireplace. We have something here for everyone, and many pieces are extremely versatile. For example, our Real Flame White Envision Wall Fireplace will look as exceptional in a Victorian room as it will in a modern, simplistic space.

Consider the Fuel Source

Before you settle on one to purchase, make sure you know what the fuel source is. Some people assume they are all the same, so if this sounds like you, know that you are not alone. There are actually a few fuel sources to choose from, and they are all very different.

Modern Electric Fireplaces - If you want to operate your fireplace a lot, or if you are concerned about the cost of gel or bio fuel, you will love electric varieties. They cost only pennies per hour to operate and they generate an impressive amount of heat. All you need to do is power it on with the remote control. Some allow you to adjust the heat, and there are even some that let you turn the heat off completely, so you can create ambiance any time.

Modern Bio Fuel Fireplaces - If you want to enjoy a dancing flame, but are trying to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible, you will want to focus your attention on the stunning bio fuel wall fireplaces we have available. Bio ethanol is made of fermented sugars from sustainable plant crops. It emits zero toxins and like the other fuel sources, it does not create smoke so no venting is needed. You simply pour the fuel into the tray and ignite.