Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Space Ready for Winter

Summer never seems to last long, does it? One day it is warm enough to wear shorts and the next there is a freeze advisory. What happened to fall? The year’s third season barely seems long enough to enjoy. However, it is important that you pay attention to the crisp fall air you are enjoying because this is your reminder to get your outdoor living space ready for Old Man Winter. Below are a few things that definitely need to be on your list before the temperatures dip too low.
outdoor space in winter

1. Water Fountain Covers 

Many people are so focused on winterizing their pool and raking leaves that they forget all about winterize their water features that are going to ruin if the water inside is permitted to freeze. It is not enough to just empty these artistic pieces though because they will just fill back up with snow or rain. Buying water fountain covers for them will ensure they are kept protected from environmental elements until next spring.

2. Furniture

If you have a large garage or shed, a lot of your outdoor furniture can be moved inside. If you like to start a fire and still enjoy your patio sometimes in the winter then leave the furniture where it is, but cover it. When you order your water fountain covers, make sure you get furniture ones, too.

3. Overseed and Fertilize

The best time to overseed your lawn is about six to eight weeks prior to the first hard freeze. This is also the best time to fertilize. In mid to late September, a nitrogen rich product is ideal, and then around Thanksgiving feed again with a fertilizer high in phosphorus.

4. Transplant

All summer you said you would like to have a row of bushes along the property line for privacy, or you talked about planting more trees or moving around annuals. Now is the time for transplanting! Take it easy on pruning though. Many people associate fall with pruning, but pruning promotes new growth. You don’t want your plants growing when they are entering their dormant season. There are a few exceptions, and of course you can cut away dead wood.

5. Tend to the Garden

Even if you are growing some fall plants you can start preparing the rest of the garden and your flowerbeds for cold weather. Water landscape plants well, especially if rain has been scarce. Hydrated plants are not as easily stressed by the changing temperatures. Clean up debris, especially around roses and other disease-prone plants, and apply a layer of mulch to insulate the soil.

    Ready your outdoor space for winter with these vital tips, ensuring it's both functional and welcoming during the colder months. From furniture storage to plant protection, proactive steps help maintain its beauty and integrity. Embrace the season with cozy touches making your outdoor area a delightful retreat even in chilly weather.