How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space You'll Love

Is your outdoor living space suddenly shunned, when you see the first sign of autumn? Sadly, this is the case with most people, but fall is the perfect time to make the most of your deck or patio. The weather is perfect because it is not overly hot. It’s generally not a rainy season either. The bees and mosquitoes are pretty much gone, and the air is crisp and clean.

Give your outdoor space a little facelift with these essentials, and you will want to spend a lot more time out there before Old Man Winter arrives for his extended visit.


Wreaths are not just for Christmas. An earthy wreath that is made of leaves and canella berries on a twig base can mount on the back door or an exterior wall. You can easily make one in a hurry, if you have guests coming over. Keep some essentials from the craft store on-hand, and you’ll be able to whip something up quickly. 

Propane Patio Heaters

Don’t let a cool evening ruin your fun. When the sun goes down start up the propane heaters and everyone will stay nice and toasty. When you
get out of the pool and the cold air hits you, just stand by a heater and you will warm right up.


Outdoor lanterns bring a rustic charm and homey feel to the space they occupy. Solar lanterns are a smart choice. You can also buy empty lanterns and put pillar candles inside for an evening outdoor cocktail party.

barbecue grill in outdoor garden

Barbeque Grills

Obviously, the number one thing that you need to start looking at is barbeque grills. The right grill can make all the difference in your cooking. If people often make an excuse not to eat when they come over, this is a good indication that you need a new grill.

Take some time and decide what style is needed. If you are remodeling, consider adding a built-in grill. Most importantly make sure you have a
quality cover to put on when it is not in use to keep it clean and protect it from the elements.

Outdoor Speakers

Are you still turning the music on inside the house and blasting it out the windows? This is not very enjoyable for guests when they go inside to use the restroom. Perhaps you bring your iPod docking station out there, but then you are paranoid it will get ruined by a spilled drink, passing shower, or splashing from the pool.

Indoor/outdoor waterproof speakers are your answer. Some even look like rocks, plants, and other natural elements.

Aromatic Candles

In the spring and summer, you sit out there and breathe in a myriad of floral scents coming from your flower beds and gardens. In the fall, you may miss this, but a large fragrant candle will fix this. Opt for fall-inspired fragrances, such as pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, allspice, plum, toasted almond, and vanilla maple pecan.

cozy outdoor garden hammock

Cozy Throws

Having a few throws handy in an outdoor storage container will keep everyone comfortable as they are curled up next to the fireplace or patio heaters. An all-weather wicker basket will keep them clean and protected, when not in use. You can find these baskets in a style that can double as a side table and ottoman, as well.

Busy people often feel the need to get away and relax but reality is, the much needed vacation is not possible soon enough. Creating spaces in one’s own home where one can lounge and simply loose one’s self in a good book or indulge in daydreams is a solution.

Staycation outdoor areas are a magnificent alternative. Create your own with hammocks and imagine swinging in the shade while sipping a cold refreshing drink and enjoying the warm summer sun, or simply, basking in a moment of peace and listening to the calm sounds of nature.

The Single Cushioned Swing creates a heavenly rest for your body and soul. Made to hold up to 350 lbs, it hangs on porches, balconies and even inside your home. This swing has the advantage of fitting in many areas and of creating a colorful addition to any outdoor setting. The ceiling must be a minimum of 6.5 ft. high and a maximum of 7.5ft high or you will need a hanging kit or tree straps. Simply comfortable, useful and an easy upgrade for your house.

Relaxation is not confined to four walls now! With Bliss Hammock Classic Cotton Rope Hammock, you can experience the ultimate comfort even when outdoors. Read a good book or magazine, chat with your loved one, listen to your iPhone and many others in your garden or pool area. This Bliss Hammock Classic Cotton Rope Hammock is clearly a piece of furniture you should not miss!

Unique Additions to Wow Your Guests

If you absolutely hate the idea of your outdoor space looking the same as the backyard that you find at the home of friends, family members, and neighbors then this list of creative additions will be right up your alley.

Papasan Curtain

Take the cracked frame from your old papasan chair that you have been meaning to throw away, and do something creative with it. Suspend it upside down from a strong branch and fasten ground length panels of outdoor fabric to the perimeter. You will create a whimsical tent that you can put a bistro table or comfy reading chair in.

Fire Bowls

You probably know that you need some type of outdoor fireplace to provide heat and create ambiance, but deciding on something can be hard because there is such a great selection. If you want something guaranteed to turn heads and be the topic of conservation shop for fire bowls. They definitely leave a lasting impression.


Contrary to what you might assume, murals are not just for indoor use. Nestle some between plants to create an optical illusion or hang on the exterior wall in your patio area. Do try to keep it in a shaded area or somewhere that won’t receive direct light. You don’t need the sun’s rays bouncing off the glass and blinding your guests.

 garden bench with planters

Revive a Garden Bench

Turn an old garden bench into one giant planter or use it to hold containers of herbs and flowers. You can scatter these around your property for unique focal points.

Create a Walkway

Your walkway does not have to actually lead anywhere. Just make a winding one that flows throughout the yard. Add little points of interest along the way. You can even create archways from rebar or painted PVC. Plant climbing plants to cover these arches. Driftwood can create an intriguing archway, too.

red door outdoor garden

Paint Your Fence

If you have a privacy fence or even a white picket fence, you can have a lot of fun painting the individual boards or creating a large mural. You can even paint a garden to act like a backdrop to your actual garden.

outdoor garden fountain with pool

Fountain with Pools

If you are going to add a water feature to your landscaping, and you want one dynamic enough to create a focal point, you will want to check out fountains with large pools at the bottom. You might want to place a couple sitting benches near it, too.

Bringing Your Dream Outdoor Space to Life

Creating the perfect outdoor space is all about combining functionality with aesthetics. Start by assessing your space and identifying what you want to achieve. Do you want a cozy seating area for entertaining guests or a peaceful retreat for reading and relaxing? Once you have a clear vision, choose the right furniture, decor, and lighting to bring your space to life. Consider using plants and flowers to add color and texture, and incorporate outdoor rugs and pillows to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Don't forget about practical elements like shade and privacy, which can be achieved with umbrellas, curtains, or plants.

With a little planning and creativity, you can create an outdoor space that reflects your personal style and provides a relaxing oasis for you to enjoy for years to come.

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