What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Planters?

Creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape requires imagination and innovation. Planting flowers and plants in your garden isn't the only way to make your space look nice. There are so many benefits to using outdoor planters to bring new life to your landscaping concepts. Here are just some of its advantages: 

Increase Your Curb Appeal

It can get tedious to see the same house scenery over and over again. Hanging baskets can be used into the ground to cover vegetation to give your garden a facelift.  Wall-mounted planters add vertical space to your garden. They also increase the space you have for the garden.

Foliage cascading from metal hanging planters looks lush and lovely. They can be placed on the ground, on a window sill, on a deck, and even on the top of a set of stairs. If you really want to make a statement, get some metal outdoor planters to really add to your in ground garden design.

Planter designs have come a long way, and you don’t have to choose between plastic and terra cotta. There are so many interesting shapes and materials available depending on your taste and style.

Decrease Maintenance Time

Compared to the number of weeds you find in a traditional garden, less undesired growth occurs in large outdoor planters. Also, any fertilizer or plant food you use will never be washed about by running groundwater - saving you money and time!

Not all outdoor planters are self-watering, but those that are can also save you time. They are excellent at keeping the garden soil perfectly moist. This is not only more convenient for you, but it also stimulates healthy root growth, which is beneficial to the plant roots—a firmer root base means a plant will be more prosperous and fruitful.

blue colored rustic tall outdoor planter

Sunning your Plants

Movable planters make it easy to get the sun on your potted plants. If you see that any of your plants aren't getting enough sun, you can move them to a different location. You can choose when and how your plants receive sunlight, shade, and water with movable planters.

Variety Galore

The most popular sort of planter for container gardening purchased is a vase, but when it comes to designing and developing contemporary outdoor planters, the sky is the limit. Planters exist in every shape and size—some are low and wide, while others are tall and narrow—and if you can envision anything, it's a possibility.

A solid bench can even be made out of a planter to grow plants. With or without plants potted inside, contemporary outdoor planters and vases can be customized with special decorative touches that make a statement. Furthermore, modern outdoor planters may give traditional flowers and fruit trees a fresh look; for example, all red roses look the same when planted in a container garden, but when placed in large or self-watering planters, they can take on a new look for a typical lawn. A tall black outdoor planter can serve as a striking centerpiece, seamlessly blending with modern aesthetics while offering a perfect contrast to lush greenery or colorful blooms.

Keep Invasive Plants Contained

Certain varieties of plants have a tendency to swiftly take over smaller gardens. They are known as invasive plants because their seeds rapidly spread to other regions of the garden. For example, after planting a small area of mint, you may see mint plants sprouting in unexpected places across your yard.

Invasive plants can only be contained by planting them in a planter. Japanese wisteria, bee balm, mint, snake plant, garden mum, lemon balm, and common periwinkle are examples of invasive plants.

concrete head outdoor planter

Create Affordable Barriers & Pathways

More than simply a gorgeous face, modern outdoor planters are wonderful for separating people in busy areas and making it easier for them to move around. Large planters can also conceal unsightly items such as electrical boxes or large water systems. Rows of planters are the appropriate answer if it's tough to discover the main entrance or you just want to create beautiful pathways and barriers.

Best Plants for Outdoor Planters

There are many plants that can be grown in outdoor planters, providing a wide range of options for adding beauty and greenery to your outdoor space. Whether you prefer annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, succulents, or shrubs, there's a perfect plant for every type of outdoor planter.

  1. Annuals - Annuals are plants that complete their lifecycle in one growing season and are perfect for outdoor planters. They come in a wide range of colors and varieties, including petunias, marigolds, and impatiens.

  2. Perennials - Perennials are plants that come back year after year and can be grown in outdoor planters. Some popular perennial options include daylilies, hostas, and coral bells.

  3. Herbs - Herbs are great for outdoor planters, as they can be grown in small spaces and provide fresh ingredients for cooking. Some popular herbs to grow in outdoor planters include basil, thyme, and parsley.

  4. Vegetables - Vegetables can also be grown in outdoor planters, making it easy to grow your own produce even if you don't have a large garden. Some popular vegetables for outdoor planters include tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce.

  5. Succulents - Succulents are a low-maintenance option for outdoor planters, as they require minimal watering and care. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a great option for adding visual interest to your outdoor space.

  6. Shrubs - Shrubs can also be grown in outdoor planters, providing a low-maintenance option for adding greenery and privacy to your outdoor space. Some popular shrubs for outdoor planters include boxwood, hydrangea, and juniper.

By planting decorative plants and flowers in unique outdoor planters, you can add year-round color to your property and create an attractive home environment for your family and guests to enjoy. Whether it's summer, spring, fall, or winter, there are suitable plants that can thrive in outdoor planters. This is a great way to give your property a facelift and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. So, consider planting a variety of plants in outdoor planters to add beauty and color to your outdoor space, and enjoy the benefits of a lush and vibrant home environment.

Spruce Up Your Space with Outdoor Planters

It's a frequent misconception that modern outdoor planters are small and only suitable for daffodils, salad greens, and other fragile spring flowers. The diversity of planter sizes available, on the other hand, is absolutely astounding—many are large enough to accommodate a large tree.

Do you wish you could sit in the shade of a tree, but you only have concrete to deal with? Trees can grow almost anyplace in a large enough planter bowl. To assure blooming and growing plants all year, plant a variety of summer, spring, fall, and winter flowers in the planters.

You will not only give your property a facelift but also have a wonderfully gorgeous atmosphere that you, your family, and visitors will enjoy at all times.

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