Top Selling Products for Home and Garden

Whether you're looking to spruce up your living space or enhance your outdoor oasis, our carefully curated list features the most popular and highly-rated products. From cozy indoor essentials to garden must-haves, these products  combine functionality with style and have captivated homeowners and gardening enthusiasts alike. Transform your space with these top-selling picks!
Large Outdoor Concrete Planter

Top 20 Concrete Planters

Concrete planters offer functionality as well as being artistically pleasing. Whether large or small, you can pick the concrete planters that will compliment your specific style, color palette and landscaping. In addition to their distinct look and practical use, these concrete planters are also extremely well crafted. They are highly durable and made of cast stone concrete that allows piece of mind no matter the weather. Your beautiful plants will look lovely in any of our concrete planters!


Large Outdoor Planters for Home and Office

Top 20 Large Outdoor Planters

Using Large Planters to decorate the outside of your home or business, will bring the perfect wow factor to draw attention to your specific outdoor space. While still being functional, our Large Planters are works of art. Options include tall, short, urn style modern styles and many, many more! Our broad selection of products will meet the needs of any project you may have.

Large Outdoor Fountain with Pool

Top 20 Large Outdoor Fountains

Want to add a unique and stunning element to your front or back yard? Adding a Large Outdoor Water Fountain is the perfect choice to do just that! Large Water Fountains add curb appeal, wow factor and make your home more inviting. We have hundreds of styles to choose from; whether you prefer a crisp, modern look or a classic artisan style. We are confident that you will find the perfect Large and Tall Outdoor Fountain to fit the vision you have for your home or outdoor space.


Indoor Waterfall  Fountain

Top 20 Indoor Waterfalls For Your Home or Office

Upgrade your home or office space with a stunning Indoor Wall Fountain. You will be able to capture the soothing sound of an outdoor waterfall to any indoor space. These unique features can please even the harshest of critics. Choose from various sizes of wall and floor fountains that suit your specific tastes. With various surface materials like glass, mirror, and natural stone available, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your home or business.


Large Outdoor Wall Fountain

Top 20 Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor Wall Fountains are a popular yet easy way to upscale the landscape of your home. These are even a great choice for businesses, restaurants, and balconies. With an extensive catalog to choose from with many gorgeous styles, you are guaranteed to find just the right one. From the minimalist or classic styles to the more intricate styles, you are sure to the find the one that will bring the perfect touch to your space.


Modern Outdoor Square Planter

Top 20 Outdoor Modern Planters

Give everyone green envy and create a chic and stylish space for your favorite plants and flowers, using our Modern Planters. Whether you live in the country or in a bustling city, you can't go wrong with the simple beauty of Modern Style Planters. Adding them to your space will highlight the beauty of your plants and add the perfect amount of style and charm that will definitely be the talk of your neighborhood!


Large Buddha Head Fountain

Top 5 Buddha Fountains

At Soothing Company, we showcase a vast variety of outdoor Asian Inspired Fountains. These provide the relaxing sound of flowing water while adding beauty and style to your outdoor space. Buddhist Monks have used water fountains in their gardens for centuries because of the many benefits that accompany them. Flowing water sounds help induce a meditative state that is extremely beneficial in any meditation or visualization practice. Adding a Buddha Fountain to your garden will create the ideal oasis for you to find peace and sanctuary in for years to come.


Indoor Wall Fireplace

Top 20 Wall Fireplaces

Elevate your level of luxury by adding a Wall Fireplace to your living area. Wall Fireplaces not only add warmth but also double as a stunning conversation piece that will wow anyone who enters your home. No other type of feature offers the kind of cozy warmth that you get only with a fireplace. Being both stylish and inviting, adding a Wall Fireplace will not disappoint!


Indoor Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

Top 20 Ethanol Fireplaces

.Are you looking for a top-quality ethanol fireplace for your home or business space? Look no further! Soothing Company offers a wide variety of Ethanol Fireplaces that are sure to please. Bio ethanol fuel is eco-friendly and doesn't release harmful toxins into your home like traditional fireplaces. Because of this, you can enjoy a bio ethanol fireplace almost anywhere. Ethanol fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from large, freestanding, all the way down to handheld and tabletop options.


Top Tabletop Fireplaces

Top 5 Tabletop Fireplaces

Tabletop fireplaces are a great addition to add a touch of trendy to your outdoor or indoor living space. Tabletop Fireplaces leave no soot, require little maintenance, and they're very user friendly. Almost anyone can operate these beautifully simple fireplaces! These unique tabletop fireplaces can be placed on shelving, countertops, or table of choice, inside and outside the house. The dazzling flames adds the perfect amount of ambiance for every occasion.


Indoor Fountain with Logo

Top 5 Logo Fountains

Are you opening a new business or office space? A Logo Wall Fountain gives a great first impression! Create a comfortable waiting area, and provide a client a unique way to remember you. Our Logo Fountains also provide a high level of class and sophistication to your space! Your business will be inviting and memorable with the addition of any of our Logo Fountains, and your clients will be sure to come back.

Modern Outdoor Fountains

Top 20 Modern Outdoor Fountains

Adding a modern outdoor fountain is a fun and unique way to elevate the style and class to the landscape of your outdoor area. Whether you are looking for a centerpiece to your space or a piece that will be complementary for your garden or patio area, an modern style outdoor water feature is the perfect addition. At Soothing Company, we have a large variety for you to choose from!


Top Outdoor Water Fountains

Top 64 Outdoor Water Fountains

 If you’d like to add a water element to your garden, a fountain is a perfect solution. Water features in a garden add such a unique detail and they’ll also attract birds and butterflies to help your garden grow! Outdoor Fountains are easy to install and come in sizes that range from small enough to sit on your tabletop, or to be the grand centerpiece and focal point with a pond. For smaller spaces like patios or entry areas, a wall fountain adds a lot of personality and would easily please your guests.


Outdoor Stone Garden Bench

Top 15 Outdoor Garden Benches

Outdoor Benches are a necessity for your garden or backyard and The Soothing Company offers a large selection of cast stone garden benches to choose from. These are perfect to relax on while reading a book, soaking up up the sunlight or for enjoying a beverage. Now you can easily relax in your outdoor space either alone or with friends and loved ones! With a variety of different styles, we are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for!


Cat Statuary for Garden or Home

Top 20 Cat Statues

Calling all cat lovers! Here are a bunch of adorable options that will help you add the perfect touch of whimsy in honor of your favorite furry friends. Garden Statuary is becoming exceedingly popular. Why not add your personality in a fun and unique way and incorporate a variety of feline friends! Soothing Company offers a wide selection of adorable statues that will please anyone who has a friend with 4 paws!


Red Flower Canvas Art

Top 5 Ways to Add Color to Your Patio

Today, patios have become the perfect gathering place for friends and families to enjoy time together. With help from Soothing Company, your outdoor patios and balconies can be transformed from basic to extraordinary with the help of a few essentials. We have created a guide to aid in enhancing you outdoor living space and creating the perfect, comfortable retreat! This includes outdoor furniture, outdoor canvas art, outdoor rugs. outdoor art, patio umbrellas, and more!


Modern Electric Wall Fireplaces

Best Electric Wall Fireplaces to Consider

Electric wall fireplaces are perfect for any home. Without the need for any fuel, electric fireplaces will be a breeze to set up and maintain. Gone are the days of dated looking electric fireplaces. Whether you want a more traditional look or more modern, with our list of best electric wall fireplaces, you will be sure to find one that is sleek and fits perfect in any decor. 


Bean Bags and Chairs for Kids

Top 9 Kid Bean Bags to Consider

Your kids play hard and they crash hard. The Soothing Company offers a wide selection of kids bean bags and lounge furniture that will be perfect for your little ones to relax on! Bean bags and convertible furniture aren't just for gaming or relaxation though. Your kids will love using their very own furniture for both play time and homework or reading time. 


Outdoor Fire Tables for Backyard

Top 10 Outdoor Fire Tables For Your Backyard

Spending time in your backyard is the perfect way to relax, unwind, and socialize with your friends and family. An outdoor fire table will make your time outside even more enjoyable. Whether you prefer to use natural gas or propane, you'll find the perfect fire table to fit your needs here at The Soothing Company.  


This guide showcases a selection of items that perfectly blend functionality and aesthetics. We hope this list helps you in creating spaces that resonate with comfort and style. Visit Soothing Company and start transforming your home and garden into your personal haven!

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