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Outdoor fountains are the pinnacle of garden décor. The ability to mix elegance with the natural look of these units is outstanding. Outdoor fountains with pools offer the soothing sounds of flowing water for all to enjoy. Waterfalls have long represented the most pristine parts of nature and have spiritual properties, as they're often used for meditation and other rituals. The reality of having a wonderful piece as an outdoor water feature is an opportunity worth seizing. Browse our extensive catalog to find your next outdoor fountain today.


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Waterfall fountains are available in many styles, shapes, and designs. This allows for flexibility in the decision-making process. Our extensive catalog has the units to match any outdoor décor. If you’re looking to impress a guest, our fabulous fountains will make a lasting first impression. The added advantage of the fountain scenery and sound is unmistakable and your amazing fountain will be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space.

Splash Resistant

All our waterfalls are inspected to ensure the public receives the highest quality unit the market has to offer. We make it a top priority that all our outdoor fountains have measured splash level. These units have no need to or require a safe area so you'll never have to worry about wet areas around the fountain. Our company takes pride in offering low maintenance and perfectly safe fountain.

Regarding safety, the consumer should only purchase products from a trusted source. Maintaining a high standard is a company mainstay. Our company is always looking to enhance our service and offer only the best units available. The Soothing Company is committed to the safety of our clients and removing the splash effects helps us get closer to that goal.

Durable Design 

Along with safety, our company has focused on only providing time-tested units. The water features available in our catalog come in many different sizes and styles. Soothing Company has perfected its craft in making only the highest quality water feature for the home or office. The outdoor fountain is inspected prior and post-installation to ensure you get the quality and values worth out of your fountain.  

More Selection

The selection is the most important part of purchasing a fountain. There are no generic fountain models to choose from, all fountains have their own unique style. We have one the finest waterfall fountain catalogs accessible to the public. Let's take a moment to go over some of the fountain styles we have to offer.  

Bird Fountains 

A staple to all outdoor fountains, the bird or animal fountain has long been a classic in the industry. These pieces never come in the same design. There are endless animal fountain styles that allow you to adorn your water feature, or you can enjoy the birdbath features. Since the classic days, the bird bath has been a garden favorite. A bonus to the garden is when the wildlife approves of the setting. Bird fountains come in many sizes and styles to fit your décor perfectly.

Large Water Fountains 

Large waterfalls look amazing in the proper outdoor settings. Our large water fountain designs are a mix of durability and proven class. There are many sizes to consider in the large variety. These pieces were once out of reach for the common person in the past. Now, they can easily be had and at a reasonable price. The different backgrounds these units come with will liven up the scenery. Whether it be glass or stone, there is a look for you.

Fountain Benches 

Fountain benches are quickly becoming the fountain of choice for the outdoor setting. As the name implies the pieces come with benched style waterfall. These long but knee-high waterfalls provide one of the smoothest flows of any outdoor waterfall. The sounds from the bench waterfall are relaxing, yet another plus when considering these all outdoor fountains.

Lighted Designs 

The lighting design is an option for those who plan to enjoy the fountain at any hour. When the lights are switched on the combination of flowing water and flashy lights is a show worth watching. These LED lights are proven to last and can run 24 hour cycles with no problem.

Soothing Company 

We have the best selection of outdoor waterfall features available. No other company has quite an extensive catalog of outdoor fountains. . The perfect outdoor waterfall fountain waits to match up with your décor. Contact our dedicated team of professionals to begin the search process and start your ultimate backyard makeover